Robert Mueller’s witch hunt is apparently still looking into whether President Trump obstructed justice by firing James Comey.

Even though there were plenty of reasons to fire him, with both political parties calling for his ouster at some point in 2016, the allegation is that Trump broke the law by firing him because he was presiding over the “Russia investigation.” This allegation is ludicrous. The President has the Constitutional authority to make staffing decisions. While James Comey had years left in his term, he served at the pleasure of the President.

But that doesn’t matter to the President’s critics. It doesn’t matter that Trump formally fired Comey for his handling of the Clinton email matter. To them, it was an illegal obstruction of justice because Trump also harbored ill feelings about Comey’s handling (and mishandling) of the Russia probe.

So, I want to ask a very simple question. After the Parkland, Florida school shooting, it became apparent that the FBI dropped the ball. They were tipped off about the shooter not once, but twice. The first tip came from a youtube comment where Nikolas Cruz posted that he wanted to become a “professional school shooter.” Even though the YouTube comment was made on an account bearing Cruz’s name, and there are only 13 people with the name Nikolas Cruz in the country, the FBI determined there wasn’t enough there to figure out who it was.

Then, another tip came in from one of Cruz’s friends. He told the FBI that Cruz was manic, had guns, was cutting himself, and would probably try to kill people. Again, the FBI did nothing. They completely bungled the case and didn’t forward this highly credible tip to the proper field office.

In light of these blunders, Florida Governor Rick Scott has called on the FBI’s new Director, Christopher Wray, to resign or be removed.

But can Trump remove him? Obviously, the legal and constitutional answer is yes. This is more a question towards the anti-Trump establishment that is looking for every opportunity to take the President down and undo the 2016 election.

Given the FBI’s complete mishandling of this case, would the Left allow President Trump to fire Wray?

I tend to believe the answer is ‘No.’ But what is clear is that many on the Left are so consumed by their Trump hate, they would do anything to come to the opposite conclusion.

Wray testified before Congress just before the shooting that the FBI had adequately relayed the Rob Porter domestic abuse allegations to the White House. This testimony was particularly damaging to the White House because it shows that they knew about the allegations and kept him on anyway.

Wray also testified that the FBI is continuing to investigate Russian attempts to meddle in our election. When asked whether this was at the insistence of the White House, Wray responded that it was not. This testimony is also damaging, according to leftists, because it confirms that Trump isn’t taking the Russia threat seriously.

It is safe to say that Trump didn’t like any of this testimony.

According to liberals, that would be enough to taint even the most constitutional, by-the-books firing of Wray. After all, that is what they are claiming when it comes to Comey’s firing.

‘It doesn’t matter what he did wrong at the FBI,’ liberals say, ‘Trump wanted him gone to protect himself from the Russia probe.’ That single allegation is now the backbone of a Special Counsel investigation.

If Trump was to fire Wray, the same allegations would mount.

This is why the Mueller-invented constitutional crisis is so dangerous. By inventing exceptions to the President’s constitutional and legal authority to make staffing decisions, President Trump’s opponents have made it next to impossible to hold inept FBI agents accountable without facing the specter of obstruction of justice charges.

I don’t think the Florida shooting is Christopher Gray’s fault but sometimes, the man at the top has to take responsibility for things he had nothing to do with. Any other President would have complete authority to fire him over this. Yet with Trump, as with so many other cases, there are always exceptions.

Last week, a Brooklyn Judge agreed that the Trump administration has the legal authority to end DACA, but he admitted that he used the President’s “racist language” against illegal aliens when deciding to unilaterally keep the DACA program open.

Courts agreed that Obama had the authority to implement stricter vetting procedures for immigrants coming from 5 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. However, when Trump took the same list and made the restrictions stronger, Courts ruled against him because of his past “racist rhetoric” against refugees.

What we have seen is a concerted effort to dilute the powers of the Presidency by crafting “Trump exceptions.” To them, it doesn’t matter that Trump has the authority to do something. He’s mean or a racist, so he shouldn’t be allowed to do it.

The President’s detractors are trying to take that same argument and apply it to his oversight of the FBI and DOJ. Any other President could fire the FBI director, but Trump can’t because of <reasons>.



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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.