Yesterday, news leaked out that Robert Mueller would be indicting Russians for "interfering" in our election. Liberals were ecstatic, thinking this would finally be what brought down Trump.

However, when Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein walked in front of the cameras and explained what the indictments were for, he proved that this entire Russia investigation is just a colossal waste of time and money.

The Department of Justice filed criminal charges against 13 Russians for "interfering in our election." Did they hack voting booths? Try to change ballot totals?

No. They posed as Americans on social media and posted things that were both for and against President Trump. Yes, you heard that correctly… The Russians who were allegedly "colluding" with the Trump campaign actually planned and promoted anti-Trump rallies. They promoted an anti-Trump rally on November 12, 2016 in New York City, designed to "Stop Trump and his bigoted agenda." Ten thousand liberals showed up to protest against President Trump.

But was there collusion? Did the Trump campaign work with these Russian "trolls" to undermine democracy?


I will say it again.


The indictment claims that Russians posed as Trump supporters looking to hold a rally and a Trump volunteer offered to give them signs for their event. Rod Rosenstein made it abundantly clear that they have no evidence to believe that Americans willingly participated in any of these "crimes." It was just a few Russians on laptops trying to gin up people for and against President Trump.

That is it. That is what this whole investigation has been for. That is the "Russian meddling." We've spent millions on a phony witch hunt to take down the President and his allies, when the whole thing came down to a dozen or so Russians on social media.

So, is the Mueller investigation shutting down? Not a chance. Someone in the Mueller investigation leaked to Bloomberg News yesterday that they still have not cleared President Trump of obstruction of justice. Even though he had nothing to do with the crimes they are supposed to be investigating, they're going to go after him anyway.

Please, tell Congress to shut down this witch hunt right now! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to pass the DeSantis amendment and defund Robert Mueller's sham investigation!

We didn't need a special prosecutor for this. The whole thing is political theater anyway because there is ZERO chance that these Russians actually get prosecuted. The Russian constitution promises that no Russian citizen will ever be deported or extradited. 

But do you know what news also broke yesterday? Mueller is tacking on an additional charge of bank fraud against former-Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort. Did he commit fraud during the campaign? No, is accusing Paul Manafort of breaking the law in how he structured his home mortgage.

That is not a joke. Mueller is accusing Manafort of misrepresenting his home's worth when he filed for a mortgage.

How is any of this about Russia? Robert Mueller was hired to investigate "Russian meddling." Yesterday, he indicted the meddlers. What was his next action? To prosecute Trump's former campaign manager for a mortgage crime.

Mueller is hell-bent on destroying Trump, whatever it takes… He has compiled a team of FBI lawyers and investigators who are literally committed to destroying the President. Their own text messages prove it.

President Trump hit back against the witch hunt yesterday, declaring that this proves the Trump campaign did nothing wrong.

Mueller is promising to keep digging until he finds something Trump did wrong because he isn't looking for the truth… he's looking for a way to undo the 2016 election!

 Help Pres. Trump and Conservative Congressmen shut Mueller down NOW! Send your instant FaxBlast and force Congress to pass the DeSantis amendment before it's too late!

Conservative Congressman Ron DeSantis lashed out at Mueller and Democrats for pushing this false narrative of collusion. "At this stage," he explained on the Ingraham Angle last night, "I don't see why you need a special counsel for any of these indictments."

DeSantis has come up with an amendment. It is simple and just one sentence long: "None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to fund activities pursuant to Department of Justice order 3915-2017."

Add this one sentence to the OMNIBUS appropriations bill that Congress is working on, and Mueller's witch hunt will be completely defunded.

They wouldn't have the funding to put new ink in their copier, let alone wage a witch hunt against the President. And all of the anti-Trump agents on their staff would suddenly see their paychecks cut off.

We already know that the FBI and DOJ agents launched the investigation as an "insurance policy" in case Trump won. We already know that the Obama administration teamed up with the Clinton campaign to get a secret warrant to spy on the campaign and transition.

Now, after all of that, they have discovered that the "Russian meddling" had nothing to do with the Trump campaign and was actually just a bunch of Russians trying to gin up Liberals and Conservatives on social media. But they're still going after Trump.

If we are going to pull the plug on Mueller, it has to happen now!

But you are going to need to get loud and demand it.

Now that we know just how compromised this investigation was, this is our best shot to shut this down.

Act now!

What are you waiting for?! Please, send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass the DeSantis amendment and defund Robert Mueller's anti-Trump witch hunt!


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.