President Trump made it clear. He is demanding that Congress approve the full border wall funding and pass the rest of his immigration demands. Yet, Republicans like Jeff Flake are moving full speed ahead with their amnesty plot.

Their plan is pretty simple. All it takes is a few dozen Republicans to vote with the Democrats and their massive amnesty giveaway will pass.

It is truly remarkable. They honestly think that they were sent to Congress to represent illegal aliens. But if the Democrats get their way, these illegals could make it onto the pathway to citizenship.

We fought like hell to stop Obama's amnesty push back in 2014. We put fear into the GOP's hearts and forced them to stand down. 

You MUST do the same once again!

Don't let them get away with this. Please, join the fight and FORCE Congress to shut down this new amnesty surrender!

These GOP cowards have forgotten about you. Instead, they are representing their corporate donors right now.

Businesses want amnesty because it gives them a low-wage labor source to tap into. Instead of paying Americans and legal immigrants a living wage, unskilled illegal aliens allow them to suppress wages. But the other end of the spectrum is true as well. Right now, one out of every eight illegal aliens holds a white collar, middle class job. These are jobs that belong to Americans, but Obama's amnesty opened up the floodgates for illegal aliens to apply as well. My wife used to work as a teacher. When she first applied for her job, she competed with illegal aliens for that job. Other Americans ended up being turned away because the school administrators preferred to hire illegals.

But illegal immigration also leaves Americans physically vulnerable. President Trump ordered law enforcement to begin reviewing Obama's amnesty recipients and what we got was a 30% increase in Dreamer prosecutions. These were the "kids" that Obama said were innocent. Well, this year, more of them have been deported for violent crimes than ever before. If Trump hadn't ordered this review, the GOP would be giving them amnesty right now.

And that is what it really comes down to. We don't know who these people are. We never welcomed them into the country. What we do know is that illegal immigrants almost unanimously support Democrats. Give them citizenship and the right to vote and it would have a devastating effect on the balance of power.

No, I'm not going to pretend this isn't the Democrats' goal. They want to create almost a million new Democrat voters. If the Left thought, even for a minute, that illegals would vote for Republicans, Democrats would build a wall so tall that you'd be able to see it from space. But that's not what they're doing. They want to hand out amnesty and leave the border wide open.

Trump officials had offered a trade. Restoring DACA in exchange for hardcore immigration enforcement, including a full border wall. The Democrats responded today that this demand was "dead on arrival."

That isn't stopping the GOP cowards in Congress. They are still moving forward with their amnesty giveaway.

Shut it down! Send your instant FaxBlast right now and force Congress to shut down this amnesty surrender!

President Trump is meeting with Congressional leaders tomorrow. Both parties are going to urge Trump to just restore Barack Obama's amnesty program. Both parties are going to refuse to build a wall or secure the border. 

It is up to you to STOP this before it's too late!

Conservative Daily is an organization that amplifies individual voices into a movement that is impossible to ignore. Phone calls end up just being tallied up and emails get deleted. But our FaxBlast system guarantees that a hard copy of your demands reaches every single Congressional office.

Our goal is to bury them. We want Congressmen and Senators to walk into their offices and see piles of FaxBlasts demanding that they stand down and end this amnesty surrender.

Together, we've scared the GOP into backing away from amnesty in the past. The time has come to fight again!

Please, don't let the GOP establishment get away with restoring Obama's illegal alien amnesty program! Send your instant FaxBlast right now and force Congress to shut down this amnesty surrender!


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.