There are more than 300 pieces of legislation that have passed the House of Representatives, but are just collecting dust in the Senate because Mitch McConnell refuses to allow them to move forward.

You would think that after the tax cut victory, that Congress — specifically the Senate — would get to work debating these bills. Well, they're not.

Instead, the GOP is resurrecting legislation to hand out permanent amnesty to all of Barack Obama's protected illegal aliens. This is the same bill that failed miserably a few years back. This is the same policy that the GOP sued to block from becoming a reality. This is the same amnesty that President Trump promised to abolish.

The President did just that. He repealed Obama's amnesty programs. Republicans and Democrats in Congress, however, are scrambling to bring them back and make them permanent

Jeff Flake is the Arizona Senator who is retiring because his constituents completely rejected his anti-Trump agenda. He refused to vote for tax cuts unless Mitch McConnell promised him a vote on amnesty. Now, the GOP establishment is making good on their promise and moving forward with their amnesty package.

And we are learning now that their bill will not include President Trump's border security demands!

Stop the GOP's amnesty surrender! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to put an end to this traitorous amnesty plan!

Word out of the White House is that President Trump will soon make an appearance along the Southern Border to personally inspect the border wall prototypes.

Eight prototypes have been built along the US-Mexico border and tested by Border Patrol agents. President Trump wants to be personally involved in choosing the finalists. But Congress still refuses to give him the money to start the building process. For the fifth time since Trump's election, Congress has passed a spending bill that explicitly prohibits a wall from being built.

The legislation to implement Kate's Law and defund sanctuary cities is still collecting dust waiting for its final vote and another judge on the West Coast just overruled the President again to try to force him to start letting un-vetted refugees into the United States again.

Chain migration continues to allow boatloads of people into the country for no reason other than the fact that they know someone already here. Ahmed Amin El-Mofty was killed in a shoot out with police last week. Homeland Security confirmed that not only did he deliberately target police as an act of terrorism, but also that he was in the US because of chain migration.

President Trump is literally doing everything he can to protect Americans. His administration has increased their investigations into Obama amnesty recipients by 30%. These are people who came into the United States illegally and were given amnesty by the Obama administration, only to be arrested for serious felonies and violent misdemeanors.

And yet, these are the same amnesty recipients that the GOP is rushing to give out amnesty to. Had Trump not gone after these criminals, many of whom have gang affiliations, then the GOP plan would have put them on the path to citizenship.

Already, we're seeing an illegal immigration surge at the southern border, simply because the GOP is talking about handing out amnesty. Just imagine how many illegal aliens will swarm into this country if the GOP's surrender plan passes and the border is left wide open…

And that is exactly what these cowards want… Which is why we need to fight back right now!

Kill this amnesty plan! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they put an end to the GOP establishment's amnesty surrender!

The Republican establishment literally wants to surrender on this. They think that they need to surrender on amnesty in order to win next year.

That's funny… That's what they thought in 2016 as well and were proven completely wrong. They never really wanted Trump to win. Republicans were more than happy to work with a President Hillary Clinton [shudder] to cement Obama's amnesty programs into the law.

Yet, when Trump was elected, instead of waking up, the GOP leadership decided to move full-steam ahead with their plan to legalize all of Obama's illegal aliens while keeping the border wide open and blocking Trump's wall.

No. Wait, let me think about that… NO!

If all of the Democrats vote for this amnesty plan, it will take only 11 Republican turncoat Senators and 25 Congressmen to pass the legislation through Congress. That is how close they are to winning on this.

The only thing these people care about is being re-elected. That's it. They think they can make Obama's amnesty programs permanent without suffering at the ballot box.

It is literally up to you to prove them wrong! 

It is your job as a citizen to scare them straight!

No amnesty! Use this FaxBlast system and FORCE Congress to kill the GOP's traitorous amnesty surrender plan!


Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.