Bowe Bergdahl is a traitor. He deserted his post during a time of war and sought out the enemy. Brave men died while searching for him. A military dog died during the search as well.

Barack Obama had the gall to say on national television that Bergdahl served with honor and distinction, and he traded four terrorist masterminds in order to bring this traitor back to the United States.

During his trial, Bergdahl pled guilty in order to avoid an extremely harsh penalty. For unknown reasons, prosecutors decided to take the death penalty off the table. Now, we know what his punishment will be: Zero jail time, a dishonorable discharge, he will be forced to payback all earnings from after he returned to the US, and he will be stripped of his rank.

That last one is interesting because it was only after he returned to the US that he was elevated to the rank of Sergeant, so this last one literally means nothing. His punishment gives him everything he wanted that night he decided to abandon his post: he's out of the military without having to spend a day in jail.

Meanwhile, there are innocent servicemen who remain behind bars and with criminal records because of the Obama administration's politics. This is shameful.

Demand justice! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they do everything they can to pressure the Pentagon to reverse this sham ruling!

Former Navy Sailor Kristian Saucier was convicted of breaking the same law that Hillary Clinton broke, except instead of mishandling and destroying thousands of classified government documents, Saucier's crime was taking a picture aboard his submarine. He served his prison time and is currently on house arrest, facing a much harsher punishment than Bergdahl (who gets to walk free).

Army 1st Lieutenant Clint Lorance was convicted and sentenced to 19 years in Leavenworth for ordering his men to open fire on two men on a motorcycle in Afghanistan. While the prosecution presented these Afghans as "innocent victims," they withheld evidence at trial that there was gunpowder residue on the deceased's hands, as well as other biometric evidence connecting them to a number of roadside bombings in the area. But, because they didn't have weapons on them, Lorance is now rotting away in prison for the next decade and a half for a snap judgement call. Meanwhile, Bergdahl goes free for actively seeking out the enemy.

Then there was the case of Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler. The Obama administration tried to force him out of the military for warning one of his friends that an Afghan on base was a known child rapist. Two weeks after he sent his warning, and he began receiving punishments, one of the Afghan officer's child sex slaves used an AK-47 to murder three Marines. He received a harsher punishment than Bergdahl.

We can literally go on and on. We can talk about Matthew Hindes, the Navy Sailor who almost lost his child for not being able to appear in court because he was aboard a nuclear submarine. We can talk about just what it took to get Charles Martland reinstated, after Obama tried to involuntarily discharge him for shoving a confessed Afghan child rapist to the ground. Or how about Air Force Lt. Colonel Michael Kersten, who the Obama administration tried to punish because he said in an interview that his role model is Jesus.

In all of these cases, we stood up, defended these innocent Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen, and demanded that Congress intervene on their behalf. We have had significant successes.

In 2014, it was our FaxBlast campaign that got the ear of a Congressmen, who then called the judge and demanded that she stop trying to take Matthew Hindes' daughter away from him. We were the ones who put so much pressure on Congress, that they in turn pressured the Pentagon to reinstate Charles Martland.

We will never stop defending innocent servicemen and women. And right now, we need to defend the servicemen (and dog) who died trying to search for this traitor Bergdahl. If he didn't desert his post and seek out the enemy, these men would likely still be alive. They deserve justice!

They deserve better than this! Send your FaxBlast and tell Congress they MUST do everything they can to get justice for these American servicemen!

My heart breaks for the mothers, fathers, wives, and children who will never see their loved one again, all because Bowe Bergdahl ran away to seek out the Taliban. A military dog named Remco also died during the search and rescue mission when a militant shot him in the head. His Navy Seal handler openly wept on the stand during Bergdahl's trial.

It is just mind-boggling that Bergdahl is allowed to just return to society. It is unbelievable that given all the crimes he committed and all of the pain and death his actions caused, the worst part of his punishment is that he is being discharged from the Army.

You are receiving this email because you have joined these campaigns in the past to protect innocent men and women in uniform.

During the trial, Navy Seal James Hatch was asked why he went out searching for Bergdahl, knowing full well he was a deserter and traitor. Hatch responded that he went out because despite what Bergdahl did, he was still an American. More than a thousand soldiers spent upwards of 45 days looking for Bergdahl. Six of them died.

They were volunteers. They answered the call to defend this nation and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

They deserve more justice than this!

It's your turn to answer the call to defend them. Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they intervene in this sham ruling and pressure the Pentagon to hold Bowe Bergdahl accountable!

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.