Well, it happened. Paul Manafort – who briefly ran President Trump's campaign last year – and one of his associates were just charged with 12 counts of financial crimes – including tax fraud and failing to register as a lobbyist – stretching back a decade.

As I predicted yesterday, these charges have nothing to do with the 2016 Presidential election. Nothing at all.

Robert Mueller was instructed to investigate Russian collusion in the 2016 election and here he is accusing Manafort of not paying his taxes in 2010/11. Mueller has jumped the rails. Unable to find any actual collusion, he is now resorting to investigate Trump's aides for violations they committed stretching back almost a decade.

There was a saying that Josef Stalin used when he controlled the Soviet Union: "You show me the man and I'll show you the crime." Everyone was guilty of something and if they weren't, he would just invent the charges. That is what is happening here. The entire Russian investigation was just revealed to be a complete sham.

Now, one Congressman is leading the fight to get this witch hunt shut down!

Tell Congress to shut down this witch hunt right now! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to pass the DeSantis amendment and defund Robert Mueller's sham investigation!

Paul Manafort was brought into the Trump campaign to manage the delegate count at the Republican convention. Manafort had the same job with the Reagan campaign in 1980: to make sure that there wasn't any funny business with delegates trying to rebel against the voters. As you remember, there was an effort at the Republican convention to deny Trump the nomination. Manafort served as the Chairman of Donald Trump's Presidential campaign for exactly three months, from May 19 to August 19.

However, after the convention, media outlets began reporting on Manafort's past work for the Ukrainian government, long before he came onboard the Trump campaign. Specifically, they noticed that Manafort technically didn't register as a foreign lobbyist when he started taking money from the Ukranians/Russians. To avoid becoming a distraction, Manafort and Trump both agreed it would be best to part ways. President Trump then hired Kelly Anne Conway and Steve Bannon and, well, the rest is history.

I have no idea whether Manafort is guilty or not. But one thing I do know is that this has nothing to do with the 2016 election. Mueller has jumped the rails and expanded the scope far beyond what he was instructed to investigate.

President Trump yesterday posted a blistering message to social media, criticizing the Republican party for letting this witch hunt spin out of control like this. He demanded that Congress shut it down and investigate the real Russian collusion committed by the Clintons and Obama administration.

Just today, President Trump tweeted that President Obama's own campaign organization contributed close to a million to help produce the phony Trump dossier. That scandal reaches all the way to the Obama White House, and yet here we are, letting a rogue Special Counsel prosecute people for decade-old tax violations.

"Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign. But why aren't Crooked Hillary and the Democrats the focus?" Trump announced in response to the charges.

Conservatives in Congress are starting to wake up. Rep. Peter King, who sits on the committee investigating Russian collusion, slammed the Manafort indictment and reiterated that there is no evidence of 2016 election collusion with the Russians. 

While Congress may have passed a budget, they still need to vote on a number of individual appropriations bills. Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis is leading the charge to get this sham investigation shut down. He has introduced an amendment that would pull Robert Mueller's funding, prohibiting him from hiring or paying the pro-Clinton lawyers on his team. If Congress passes this amendment, Mueller wouldn't even be able to pay for a cup of coffee…

Typically, it would require a supermajority vote to shut down a special counsel investigation like this. Democrats would surely filibuster it. But by passing this budget amendment, Republicans can shut down this phony witch hunt without needing a single Democrat vote!

Mueller can't prosecute collusion that doesn't exist, so he has decided to investigate everything Trump's aides have ever done. He's completely gone rogue.

Shut it down now! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pull the plug on this sham investigation and cut off Mueller's funding!

This is really our one shot to shut this down without facing a Democrat filibuster. 

President Trump is demanding Congress take action but he needs YOU to make it happen!

Tell Congress to put an end to this sham right now! Send your instant FaxBlast and force all of Congress to pass the DeSantis amendment and defund the Mueller investigation before it's too late!


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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