This past week, California became a sanctuary state. That means that it is illegal for any California local or state police officers to help Federal ICE agents.

How did President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions respond? They launched even more raids against illegal aliens in California and other sanctuary states across the country. If local politicians want to hide illegal aliens, then the Trump administration will get to work finding them.

It’s not just California, either. New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, and other liberal cities are thumbing their noses at the Trump administration. They would rather protect illegal alien criminals than protect their American residents.

So, both Trump and Sessions have gone even further. Earlier this year, they both announced that they would no longer be giving law enforcement grant money to sanctuary cities. Why should the Federal government subsidize local police if those police won’t even help down federal suspects?

And this makes complete sense. If a local mayor refuses to let their police officers help track down immigration suspects, then the Federal government absolutely should withhold these grants. However, the liberal activist judges under the 9th Circuit have blocked Trump from moving forward and ruled it was illegal to withhold funding from these sanctuary cities.

Congress is working on next year’s budget right now. In the coming days, they will have to pass a bill to fund Homeland Security and other federal law enforcement programs.

We have a once in a generation chance to go after not only illegal alien criminals, but also sanctuary cities/states and the liberal 9th Circuit Court. If Congress changes the law and makes this funding conditional, Trump could pull the plug on all of these sanctuary cities in one fell swoop.

Don’t let the RINOs protect these sanctuary cities! Send your instant FaxBlast and demand that Congress defund them all in the next budget bill!

President Trump’s plan to defund sanctuary cities is simple: if they won’t cooperate with federal law enforcement, then they should lose federal grants.

Here’s the problem. Right now, they are technically only allowed to withhold a tiny amount of funding and a Federal judge just ruled that the President can’t even do that.

Take Chicago as an example. Under current law, the administration would be able to withhold a few million dollars because of the city’s sanctuary status. The Trump administration wants Congress to increase it so that they can withhold alll 1.3 billion of Federal grants if Chicago doesn’t shape up. They need to add “strings” to the budget. If a city doesn’t cooperate with federal law enforcement, then they would lose all their funding.

This would be a deathblow to the sanctuary city/state movement!

Innocent people continue to perish because these liberal cities value illegal alien criminals over innocent Americans. Enough is enough.

Everything we have fought for comes down to this. With Congress back in session and they have just a short window to pass the budget for the next year.

When they faced a budget deadline in early September, the establishment demanded that they pass a “clean” continuing resolution. Now that they have to pass another budget, the RINOs once again are demanding a “clean” budget.

By “clean,” they mean they want to make sure everything remains as it was during the Obama administration. If they get their way, sanctuary cities will remain funded for the next year and innocent people will continue to die at the altar of political correctness.

You CANNOT allow that to happen!

Please, stand and fight! Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast here and force Congress to help the Trump administration punish these sanctuary cities once and for all!

Don’t let these sanctuary cities get away with this!


Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.