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Yesterday, we buried Congress with demands that they hold a vote on the long-awaited Sportsmend Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, a bill that would reverse Obama's most unconstitutional gun control regulations and preserve the 2nd Amendment for generations to come. While the numbers are still coming in, the FaxBlast totaled in the hundreds of thousands.

Immediately after the Vegas shooting, liberal Republicans started running away from this pro-gun bill, just like they did after Steve Scalise was shot. GOP leadership started hinting that they were going to pull the bill from the calendar. 

I am happy to tell you that our campaign succeeded and helped to force the GOP to back down on its cowardly plan. A vote on the SHARE Act will be held this month.

But now, we face a new threat. The Democrats have resurrected their Assault Weapon Ban and are actively collecting signatures to try to force a vote on it. They have also resurrected the Obama-era bill to create universal background checks aka a nationwide gun registry.

This is the same exact gun control push that we faced down in 2013. These bills came just 6 votes away from passing back then. John McCain (R-AZ) voted yes on these bills four years ago. So did Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). A number of Senators that voted No back in 2013 – like Harry Reid (D-NV) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) – have been replaced by liberals who promised to vote Yes if ever given the opportunity. At this point, they need just one or two more liberal Republicans to vote with the Democrats and this bill will have the votes it needs to pass.

They know they can't ram these bills down our throats, so they are coming in through the backdoor. They are trying to force Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to create a "gun violence commission" filled with Democrats and liberal Republicans. Then, they'd have the platform they need to spew their propaganda.

Help us kill this latest gun control push! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and force Congress to block the creation of a Gun Violence Commission and prevent the left's gun control bills from reaching the floor!

Every time there is a mass shooting, the Left admits that their gun control bills wouldn't have stopped that tragedy, but would prevent "others like it." Yet, since this latest gun control push began in 2012/3, there has yet to be a mass casualty shooting that these gun control bills would have prevented.

The Las Vegas shooter was reportedly willing to illegally modify a rifle to make it fire full-auto and used it to kill 59 people. That crime alone carries a 10-year prison sentence. It is simply idiotic to think that someone who ignored the ban on fully-automatic weapons would be deterred by a ban on semi-automatic weapons…

This killer took shots at people from hundreds of yards away and 32-stories up in the air and the Democrats are demanding Congress pass legislation that criminalizes bayonet lugs on rifles. That is how disingenuous they are when they claim they have the solution to this tragedy…

And we know that the Vegas shooter passed his background checks. He bought multiple firearms in recent months and there was nothing on his record to allow the FBI to reject the sale. Yet, the Democrats are pushing forward anyway because it isn't about stopping mass shootings. It is about creating a registry of American gun owners. 

Universal background checks would record every single time a gun changes hands in the United States, keeping tabs on who has what guns at any given moment. History teaches us that this is literally the first step towards confiscation. Every country that has confiscated civilians' guns needed to first create a registry.

As I said, these same bills came just a few votes away from passing back in 2013. We have already seen the GOP abandon some of its biggest promises this year. People like John McCain promised to repeal Obamacare for seven straight years and when the time came to vote, he sided with the Democrats. Lindsey Graham voted against Obama's amnesty bill back in 2010. Last month, he signed onto the newest version of the DREAM Act as a co-sponsor and dared his constituents to vote him out if they didn't like it.

Across the board, Republicans are betraying their voters on their biggest promises. How many Republicans would be willing to do the same on the 2nd Amendment? More than you think…

Democrats think they've found a way to get their unconstitutional gun control bills passed! Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to block this Gun Violence Commission and stop the Left's gun control agenda from ever reaching the floor!

The Democrats are calling for the GOP leadership to sign off on a "Special Commission on Gun Violence." Basically, they want a chance to use even more taxpayer money to produce sham studies supporting their gun control agenda.

If this sounds familiar, it should. They demanded the same nonsense earlier this year when it came to "Russian collusion." Even though it has been 9 months and no proof of collusion has been found, these committees are still working to try to figure out a way to hurt the President. What started as just a "Commission" has now spun out of control.

That is what the Democrats want. They want a Gun Violence Commission stacked with Democrats and Liberal Republicans so they can push their propaganda and force a vote on their gun control bills. 

This is the only way their anti-gun legislation ever reaches the floor and they know it. If we block the commission from forming, we kill their gun control dreams. It's that simple.

It is up to you to stop these Leftists from moving their anti-gun agenda forward!

Please, send your urgent and instant FaxBlast and force Congress to stop Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell from giving the Left what it wants: a pathway to passing their unconstitutional gun control agenda!


Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

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