Hillary Clinton, the least popular and least successful Presidential candidate in American history, took to Twitter this morning to voice her opinion on the shooting in Las Vegas and she couldn’t help attacking American gun owners.

Her tweets began just like every other politician, expressing her condolences and condemning the perpetrator.

But then, she quickly went off the rails, using the tragedy to go after the Hearing Protection Act. This is legislation that would remove suppressors from the purview of the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. Instead of Americans being forced to pay the ATF $200 to perform a year-long background check, this legislation would allow Americans to pay $7-10 and use the FBI’s instant background check system.

It’s actually pretty ironic that Hillary Clinton is defending the NFA. Since the NFA was signed into law 83 years ago, a grand total of three legally registered automatic weapons have been reported used in the commission of a crime. The fact that a deranged 64-year-old was just able to use an illegal fully-automatic weapon to open fire on thousands of concert goers proves that making something super-duper illegal doesn’t stop individuals who have the desire and the means to break the law.

Anyone with $30 can purchase an oil filter from an auto parts store and use that as a suppressor. While it may have been impossible to build your own suppressor in 1934, today it is quite easy. The only thing that the NFA does is make it unreasonably expensive and bureaucratic for law-abiding Americans to purchase what practically every other country on earth treats as a safety device.

If the National Firearms Act wasn’t enough to stop this killer from raining down automatic fire on concert-goers, it is beyond idiotic to believe that the same law would prevent criminals from obtaining suppressors…

Stop this from happening again? Anyone with a Dremel, drill, and basic metal-working skills can turn a semi-automatic rifle into a fully-automatic machine gun. How do you possibly stop a crazy man from making illegal modifications or buying illegal weapons on the black market? Make it double-illegal?

And stand up to the NRA? The NRA is over five million Americans who unite to defend the 2nd Amendment.

If her stupidity wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable. Hillary Clinton spent the 2016 campaign saying that the NRA and its five million members were the political enemies she was most proud of. Now, in one sentence, she called for people to put politics aside while simultaneously encouraging people to stand up to her political enemies.

Right now, the gun control movement is pressuring Congress to drop the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act. This is legislation that would undo Barack Obama’s ammunition and import bans, prevent future Presidents from going after the 2nd Amendment through ammunition regulations, and dismantle the 83-year-old law regulating suppressors to allow purchasers to pass an instant background check instead of paying the ATF $200 and waiting a year.

What is even worse is the fact that the GOP is bowing to the pressure. This will be the second time that McConnell and Ryan used a tragedy as an excuse to pull this bill.

The gun control movement is counting on the fact that they will be louder than you today.

If you want to fight back, please use our instantaneous faxblast system here to FORCE Congress to hold the line on the 2nd Amendment and move forward on this common-sense bill!



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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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