Congress hates President Trump. It really isn't a surprise. Democrats have publicly called for Trump's removal from office for months. Republicans have been much more subtle, choosing to undermine the President's agenda and stop any legislation from reaching his desk.

But yesterday, Republicans and Democrats were in agreement. Both parties actually spent Tuesday figuring out ways to remove Trump from office.

That's right. Democrats, led by Rep. Al Green, announced from the House floor that they would force an impeachment vote because Pres. Trump told the NFL players to stand for the National Anthem. The Democrats are actually introducing a privileged resolution to force a vote on this.

In the Senate, Republicans and Democrats held hearings to figure out how to keep the witch hunt against President Trump going. Even though Robert Mueller has gone off the rails and begun investigating Trump's campaign manager's obscure tax discrepancies from a decade ago, both parties want to make sure Mueller is able to continue targeting the President and his aides.

On the same day that we learned Republicans saved Obamacare and took steps to save Obama's amnesty, members of both parties were working on plans to potentially remove the President from office. These cowards think they can get away with this…

Help put a stop to these witch hunts against the President! Send your faxblast to Congress and demand that they shut down these impeachment attempts and witch hunt investigations!

It is really pretty simple. After seven years of promises to roll back the Obama legacy – repeal Obamacare, end amnesty, restore law and order, etc – both parties spent all of yesterday debating ways to do the opposite and to go after President Trump.

The impeachment vote will fail, though it is madness that the GOP is even allowing this nonsense to go to a vote.

But the establishment's plan to protect Robert Mueller's sham investigation needs to end right now. The investigation started as an inquiry into "Russian collusion" in the 2016 election. Instead, Mueller has hired nothing but Hillary/Obama donors and has gone after President Trump's former campaign manager – Paul Manafort – and has seized tax records from the IRS that go back over a decade.

This isn't about Russia. This is about finding some way to go after the Trump administration and get the President removed from office. And what is equally shameful is the fact that the two bills being considered to protect the sham investigation are co-sponsored by Republicans Thom Tillis and Lindsey Graham.

Basically, they want to create a process to remove President Trump from office if he fires Mueller and puts an end to this witch hunt.

Even though legal experts warned Congress yesterday during their hearing that it would be unconstitutional to prohibit Trump from firing Mueller, the Republicans and Democrats are moving the bill forward anyway. They don't care about fulfilling their promises or passing the Conservative agenda. They are only interested in getting Trump removed from office by any means necessary.

This needs to be shut down right now!

Put an end to the establishment witch hunt against President Trump! Send your faxblast and force Congress to shut it all down immediately!

We aren't just calling on Congress to kill these bills or block a nonsense impeachment vote, though that definitely needs to happen. We are calling on Congress to pull the plug on ALL of these sham investigations.

Robert Mueller has packed his staff with liberal Hillary/Obama donors. He abandoned the "collusion" nonsense and has started going after Trump associates for completely unconnected tax discrepancies. And as we saw yesterday with the interview of Roger Stone, the Congressional investigations aren't even letting the "suspects" defend themselves in public. 

The whole thing is a sham and nothing but a bi-partisan attempt to undermine the President and get him removed from office.

It's time to pull the plug on all of this. It's time to shut it down!

End the witch hunt and shut it all down! Tell Congress to put a stop to this nonsense once and for all and actually start doing their jobs, or else!

Shut. It. All. Down.

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.