My Fellow Conservative,

President Trump rescinded Obama's unconstitutional DACA amnesty program and has put the ball in Congress' court to find a legal, constitutional, and common sense way to deal with the millions of illegal aliens who are in the United States. Now, the fight is over what replaces Obama's amnesty.

Last week, Nancy Pelosi gave a press conference and accidentally tipped her hand. She was asked what she thought about President Trump's promise that DACA would not contain citizenship for illegal aliens.

"It isn't about citizenship," she responded, "it's about everyone in our country having the opportunity to earn the path to citizenship. It's an earned path to citizenship." She wants to make all illegal aliens citizens, regardless of the harm they have done to this country.

Democrats are also demanding that chain migration be included any DACA replacement. Chain migration means that as soon as one illegal alien gets legal residency, they can bring in their parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, etc. This is the Democrats' secret weapon. It isn't just getting 800,000 illegal aliens to stay in the US. They want to import millions more.

If there was even the slightest reason to think that these illegal aliens would vote Republican, the Democrats would build a wall so big, you'd see it from space. Instead, they're trying to put hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens on a pathway to citizenship.

No way! Send your FaxBlast to Republicans and Democrats in Congress and let them know there'll be hell to pay if they pass Nancy Pelosi's dangerous DACA bill!

It is truly amazing. After five years of literally suing President Obama to stop his amnesty from going into effect, Republicans are now working with Democrats to cement it into law. 

Now, they are planning on passing amnesty before funding the wall, passing Kate's law, or even going after sanctuary cities.

This is not what I voted for.

Is this what you voted for?

The mandate from last year's election was pretty clear: enforce our immigration laws as written.

The border wall is already written into the law. Except for over a decade, Democrats and Establishment Republicans have made sure that the wall project never got the funding it needed. It is already illegal for cities to interfere with federal immigration investigations. Except the GOP is protecting cities like San Francisco and Chicago by refusing to cut off their funding for sheltering illegal alien criminals.

Congress should be ashamed of itself. Unfortunately, these people don't feel shame. The only language they understand is whether or not they will be re-elected. By passing amnesty, they know that the Chamber of Commerce and other special interests will continue to dump money into their campaigns. 

You need to rise up and remind Democrats and Republicans alike who they serve, who pays their paychecks, and who re-elects them… YOU!

Help stop this Ryan-Pelosi betrayal! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they block this heinous amnesty bill from ever reaching the floor!

This fight has now reached your doorstep. 

We have spent the last half-decade fighting against Obama's amnesty. Now that we have finally wrestled power away from Obama and the Democrats, Republicans want to become the party of amnesty.

It has officially been 8 months since Donald Trump was inaugurated and the only immigration-related bill currently making its way through Congress is amnesty. Congress is working on the same amnesty bill they would have written if Hillary Clinton had been elected…

There has been no progress on Kate's Law or the fight against sanctuary cities, the border wall remains completely defunded, on Paul Ryan's orders, illegal aliens are still able to walk across the border unchecked, and the only thing Ryan and McConnell are working on is amnesty for all.

This makes you sick, doesn't it? Well, we don't need you to be sick. You need to get angry!

Please, fight back against this amnesty push before it is too late! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress right now and DEMAND they put an end to the Pelosi-Ryan amnesty plan and get to work passing the Trump agenda the American people actually voted on!

If you don't fight back, who will?

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.