President Trump is holding meetings at the United Nations this week. Despite the fake news some mainstream outlets published over the weekend. the President is still very much against the Obama administration's plans to prop up the UN's liberal pet projects. Yes, we are still withdrawing from the unconstitutionally-signed UN Climate Treaty.

While the rest of the week is reserved for President Trump's speech before the UN General Assembly and one-on-one meetings with world leaders, the President had a single goal today: force the UN to reform or cut off its funding.

The United States currently pays 21 percent of the United Nation's operating budget and 28 percent of its total peacekeeping budget. By comparison, Russia only contributes 3 percent of the overall operating budget.

"We are not seeing results in line with this investment," Trump frankly told the UN in a statement delivered this morning.

President Trump is doing what Conservatives have long promised, but never delivered on. If the UN won't reform and cut the waste, he will pull the plug. 

Yet, even though this is exactly what Congressional Republicans promised this year, now many of the establishment Republicans are trying to walk their comments back. Back in December, Senator Lindsey Graham announced that he was going to be the lead co-sponsor of Ted Cruz's bill to defund the United Nations.

Well now, Graham and his RINO allies are nowhere to be seen. But Ted Cruz is still pushing forward!

No more delaying. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and bombard them with demands to pass the Cruz-Graham bill to defund the United Nations!

Ted Cruz's promise is simple: no American funding for the United Nations until they end the heinous programs they rolled out during the Obama administration.

One of those programs was a direct attack against America's ally, Israel. As you remember, just weeks before Trump took the oath of office, then-President Obama ordered UN Secretary Samantha Power to sit on her hands and allow the UN to go after Israel. 

IThe truth is that they deserved to be defunded long before that. On every single issue, they use American taxdollars to undermine our sovereignty. However, if this is the issue that gets that done, then we should all get on board.

The UN has been helping illegal aliens apply for asylum status in the US to undermine Trump's deportation programs. They continue to send Syrian refugees to our shores, using every loophole to try to get past the President's refugee ban. Last week, American taxdollars paid for the UN's annual gun control conference where world leaders – joined by Obama holdovers – debated new ways to implement global gun control. Even though Congress never ratified it and the President announced our withdrawal, the UN is still demanding that we make good on the billions that Obama promised them.

The list literally goes on and on…

You want to take this country back? That means cutting the cord to the United Nations!

No more stalling. Send your message to Congress and tell them to defund the United Nations – as promised – or else face the consequences!

Ted Cruz isn't backing down. He is still pushing to get this bill passed to pull the plug on the UN.

But the establishment is trying to block him at every turn. Even though they all signed onto this effort months ago, they're hoping their constituents forget. They're hoping YOU forget.

It is up to you to force them to honor and fulfill their promises! It is up to you to demand that they pull the plug on the UN's globalist, anti-American agenda!

President Trump has delivered the ultimatum and the UN is already resisting change. The time for negotiating is over.

It is time to pass a binding piece of legislation to defund the UN once and for all. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and bombard them with your demands to pass the Cruz-Graham bill to defund the United Nations!

Pull. The. Plug.

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.