Fellow Conservative,

The term of the year may very well be "Obama holdovers." With Democrats in the Senate doing everything they can to stall Trump's nominations and appointments, a lot of Federal government employees are leftover from the Obama administration.

Many of them have proven to be traitors more interested in playing politics than serving their country.

But those not brazenly violating the law by leaking classified information are sabotaging the Trump administration in much subtler ways: they're carrying on as if Hillary had won and they're counting on no one noticing.

Take the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty for example. In just three days, the nations of the world are meeting in Geneva, Switzerland to brainstorm new ways to implement international gun control. Congress never ratified this treaty. In fact, they refused to. Instead, Barack Obama signed it anyway and pledge taxdollars to the United Nations to help fund it.

Right now, unbeknownst to the President, there are American representatives – Obama holdovers – in Geneva getting ready to figure out new ways to conspire against the 2nd Amendment. That is the whole purpose of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. To make it harder for people across the world to purchase and possess weapons. That includes here in the United States. To accomplish that, the UN wants to create a massive, global gun registry. They are demanding that countries with civilian gun ownership keep records of who owns firearms.

The only reason to have a registry is to keep their options open for confiscation in the future. Obama signed onto this, now his lackeys are over in Europe figuring out how to implement the treaty!

Stand up to these Obama-era traitors! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to shut it down and completely pull us out of the UN's gun control efforts!

Even though Congress never ratified the treaty, American government employees are there as "signatories" and will literally spend next week brainstorming with other anti-gun countries and UN bureaucrats on ways to implement gun control world-wide, including in the United States.

Listen: Trump's election was a massive victory. Stopping Hillary Clinton meant mothballing all of the horrendous gun control bills that Democrats were eager to force onto us. But we're not out of the woods yet…

As long as liberal Obama leftovers in government are allowed to attend UN conferences to brainstorm gun control, the 2nd Amendment will remain vulnerable.

The United Nations has declared war on our freedoms and sovereignty. They are using loopholes and technicalities to send more Syrian refugees here (in defiance of Trump's ban), helping illegal aliens apply for asylum so they cannot be deported, siding with radical leftists by warning the Trump administration that they are supporting racism, and now plotting to infringe on Americans 2nd Amendment rights. This all comes in addition to the UN still fighting to stop the US from withdrawing from their Paris Climate Treaty.

With so many Obama holdovers left in government, they are now quietly undermining President Trump on issue after issue. While they think they are defying the President, they are actually defying you!

Don't let these traitors sell out our 2nd Amendment rights! Tell Congress right now that they MUST shut it down and put an end to the United States' involvement in the UN's gun control treaty!

The UN Arms Trade Treaty has entered into force. With Obama's help, it reached the number of signatories necessary to go into effect. While previous conferences were focused on hypotheticals, this year, the UN is meeting to finalize its implementation protocols. That means cutting off firearm imports and exports and beginning the process of collecting national gun registries.

They are counting on President Trump not knowing about this. They are counting on Congress not realizing what they're doing.

And yes, they are really counting on Conservative voters like you to ignore what they're doing. That is the only way they can get away with it.

Please, don't give these leftists the satisfaction!

Cut them off at the knees! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast – delivered right now – to Congress and FORCE them to pull the plug on the Obama holdovers' gun control plot!

Shall not be infringed,

Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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