This week, news broke that former FBI Director James Comey never intended on letting Hillary Clinton be prosecuted. Months before the investigation ended, and before Hillary Clinton was even investigated, documents show that Comey was already drafting, and discussing with his staff, how to exonerate her.

Since then, we have been poring over transcripts of his Congressional testimony, looking for the point in which he perjured himself. We knew that he had lied, we just needed to find the specific moment.

We found it.

On October 1, 2016, Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe (R) began his line of questioning with a very simple and straight-forward question for Mr. Comey.

Ratcliffe: Director, did you make the decision not to recommend criminal related to classified information before or after Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI on July the 2nd?

Comey: After.

Watch below:

Rep. Ratcliffe then proceeded to pepper Comey with questions, with the former-Director repeating again that he only decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton after she was interviewed.

Thanks to evidence discovered by Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, we now know that James Comey had actually decided Clinton was innocent months before she was interviewed, possibly as early as April.

He was asked a question and he lied under oath. Period.

James Comey broke the law and lied about exonerating Hillary Clinton. Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them investigate, presecute, and, if necessary, jail James Comey!

The next three weeks will determine the future of this country. They will determine whether Congress forges forward with a Conservative agenda or allows the RINOs to cling to the Obama past.

Holding the Obama administration accountable for its actions is one of those priorities.

I have never see a more cut-and-dry perjury case. Comey was asked when he decided Clinton was innocent and he responded (under oath) that the decision was made after she was interviewed. We know now that was simply a lie and lies under oath are crimes. I thought that Hillary’s crimes were obvious, but this one takes the cake

James Comey has manipulated us all. He deliberately leaked his notes from meetings with the President to the New York Times and admitted, under oath, that he did this to compell the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. Now, Robert Mueller has teamed up with the New York State Attorney General to go after Trump’s former temporary campaign manager for state tax violations from over ten years ago. This never had anything to do with Russia. This was a witch-hunt from the beginning.

Comey’s perjury means he has committed far more crimes than the President has, without a doubt.

He lied to Congress under oath. He committed perjury.

He belongs in prison and it is up to YOU to force Congress to go after him!

James Comey lied to Congress. That is a criminal act. Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to all of Congress and DEMAND they investigate and charge James Comey with perjury and Contempt of Congress!

A contempt of Congress charge would immediately send the case to a grand jury. Comey’s allies in the DOJ or FBI would no longer be able to protect him. Then, Comey would have a choice: go down for his crime or turn witness against the Clintons and Obama officials.

I am done being on defense. It is time to take the fight to them.

James Comey deserves to face the same justice that he worked tirelessly to save Hillary Clinton from!

Tell Congress right now that they MUST hold James Comey in Contempt of Congress for lying about his plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton! Send your FaxBlast and demand charges now!

No more games,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.