This weekend, the Trump administration formally filed the paperwork with the United Nations to withdraw from the radical UN Climate Treaty.

The UN responded that they were "disappointed." Then they dropped the hammer.

Based on the agreement that Obama signed, the United States isn't allowed to immediately withdraw from the UN's Paris Climate Treaty. Even though the treaty was pitched as being "non-binding," Obama signed away the United States' right to withdraw until November of 2020.

According to the UN, Trump's decision is entirely symbolic and the international organization expects America to continue making the payments that Obama promised them, or else.

No more UN! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to nullify and void Obama's unconstitutional climate treaty signature!

Their arrogance is stunning, but to be expected after going eight years with a pushover in the oval office.

Barack Obama gave the UN whatever they wanted for eight years. He signed onto their unconstitutional gun control treaty (which reconvenes this month, by the way), bypassed Congress to sign a nuclear disarmament treaty, and then committed billions of taxd ollars to help the UN redistribute it to the world's worst polluters.

Donald Trump represents the end to the gravy train and the UN is terrified. That is why they are now forcing the US to stay in until November of 2020, conveniently just days after the next Presidential election. They hope that they can force the US to stay in the treaty long enough for a Democrat to win the White House.

Congress never ratified this treaty. Obama claimed it wasn't necessary because it was unbinding. Yet here we are, being bound to it.

The UN's response proves that it was unconstitutional for Obama to circumvent Congress and that is good news.

That gives Congress the power to void the treaty. Obama should have consulted them and he didn't. So, Congress can void the former-President's signature. Not only would that immediately withdraw the US, but it would also prevent future Presidents from signing on again without getting the green light from Congress.

This is what needs to happen right now, before the UN is able to sink their teeth into us any more!

Cut them off! Use your FaxBlast to FORCE Congress to nullify and void Barack Obama's unconstitutional climate treaty signature!

What Obama did was unconstitutional and the UN's decision to stop us from leaving the treaty proves that.

Now, it's time to force Congress to reassert its authority and nullify the agreement entirely. Otherwise, the UN will continue to steal American taxdollars for their global wealth redistribution scheme.

President Trump has now done everything he can to withdraw from this heinous treaty. He needs Congress to finish the job and he needs YOU to force them to take action!

Please, raise your voice! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they immediately void Obama's Paris Climate Treaty signature and restore American sovereignty!

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.