Want to know the best thing about getting Democrats on the record? The more you get them to talk, the more they incriminate themselves. That is why so many of them plead the fifth…

Well, it looks like everyone’s favorite Congressman – Trey Gowdy – has caught another Democrat in a lie. This time, it’s Loretta Lynch and her lie is so big, she can go to prison over it.

She was caught using a fake email to conduct official business at the Department of Justice. Instead of using her real name, which would be easily searched through Freedom of Information Act requests, she used a secret email named after her grandmother, Elizabeth Carlisle.

How do we know? People who sent emails to the Carlisle account addressed them to the “AG Lynch” and when Lynch responded, she signed off as “AG.”

Why does this matter? Well, when Loretta Lynch testified before Congress in November of 2016, Trey Gowdy explicitly asked her whether she used any email accounts other than her official email.

“So, you use official email to conduct official business,” Gowdy asked.

Lynch responded, “Yes, I do.”

Guess what: That’s perjury!

Lock her up! Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE them to hold her in Contempt for lying under oath about her secret email account!

She told Congress (under oath) that she didn’t use any secret emails. She lied.

President Obama was infamously caught emailing Hillary Clinton using a pseudonym and a fake email account. Chelsea Clinton used the pseudonym “Diane Reynolds” to discuss sensitive and classified information with her mother over email.

The Obama administration used pseudonyms because they knew it would make it harder for their crimes to be investigated. If a citizen watchdog group filed a freedom of information act request to obtain Lynch’s emails, the Elizabeth Carlisle emails wouldn’t ever see the light of day. The only reason we know she used a secret email account is because someone noticed on the internet that people were emailing Elizabeth Carlisle as if she was the Attorney General.

Loretta Lynch lied to Congress, under oath. She committed a crime. Under the current law, Congress has the authority to hold her in Contempt, arrest her, and refer her crimes directly to a grand jury.

We already know that Lynch intervened to stop Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted. We already know that Loretta Lynch ordered James Comey to imitate Clinton campaign talking points and emphasize that Hillary wasn’t under investigation, even though she was. We already know that Lynch secretly met with Bill Clinton on the tarma just days before Hillary was cleared. And we learned this week that Lynch’s Justice Department colluded with the media to cover-up that secret tarmac meeting.

All of Loretta Lynch’s crimes are well known. Now, we have a her committing perjury. Congress has the power to charge and arrest her and they MUST!

Loretta Lynch committed perjury. Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that she be held in Contempt and prosecuted!

This gift has just fallen into our lap. We all know the crimes that the Obama administration committed, but this crime is irrefutable.

She swore to Congress that she only conducted official business over her official DOJ email account, knowing full-well that she was using a secret email account to hide her correspondence.

She committed a crime. Congress must hold her accountable. They need to hold her in Contempt and use her to rat on the rest of the Obama administration.

But the only way that happens is if YOU demand it!

Don’t let this go unnoticed! Rise up and send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress demanding that Loretta Lynch be held in Contempt for lying under oath!

This is huge,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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