Yesterday, Donald Trump delivered an amazing speech detailing his decision to withdraw the United States from the UN’s Paris Climate Treaty. Today, the United Nations is pumping the brakes and saying, ‘not so fast.’

The media is claiming that the treaty Barack Obama unconstitutionally signed was “non-binding.” Yet, there is a clause within the agreement that forces signatories to wait three-to-four years before withdrawing. The UN is threatening legal action if the Trump administration follows through with this promis. The President of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker, has declared that Trump can’t withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty because it is “the law and it must be obeyed.”

We were afraid that Obama administration holdovers would be the ones stalling Trump’s withdrawal from the treaty. This is even worse.

Barack Obama truly did try to sign away our sovereignty. He violated the Constitution and committed the United States to a global wealth redistribution scheme without Congressional approval. And now, the terms of the agreement prohibit Pres. Trump from exiting until after the next Presidential election.

You see, the Constitution’s Treaty Clause requires a two-thirds vote in order to bind the United States to any foreign treaty or agreement. The fact that the United Nations is refusing to allow the United States to exit proves that the treaty is binding and, thus, unconstitutional.

Trump has gotten us 90% of the way there. He cut off the payments to the UN, dismantled the worst of Barack Obama’s radical executive orders, and announced the United States’ withdrawal. But it will take an act of Congress to finish this!

Don’t let the UN get away with this! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand they pass a resolution to void and dismante this unconstitutional agreement!

This is truly something only Congress can do. All it takes is a declaration from Congress that Barack Obama unlawfully and unconstitutionally committed the United States to an international treaty without Congressional ratification.

The treaty was never even presented to Congress and as we have reported, the Obama administration worked with France’s ruling socialist party to design the treaty in a way that they hoped could avoid Congress. But by adding in a waiting period for withdrawal, they made this agreement biding. This gives Congress the power to override any promises that Barack Obama made.

We need to act fast. Barack Obama committed billions to the UN when he signed the Paris Treaty and the United Nations is going to try to force Trump to pay up. They are also working to force Pres. Trump to reinstate Barack Obama’s job-killing radical environmental regulations until America’s withdrawal is “approved” in the year 2020.

Yea, this isn’t going to work.

At yesterdays withdrawal ceremony in the Rose Garden, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other prominent GOP leaders were in attendance. They were clapping enthusiastically at President Trump’s decision, hooting and hollering.

Now, it is up to us to force them to take action!

The UN has already assigned a legal team to force the United States to stay in their radical climate treaty. They simply can’t bring themselves to walk away from the free funding Obama promised them. And based on the terms that Obama signed, the President cannot completely withdraw. Congress must help him finish this and only YOU can force them to!

The UN is blocking Trump from withdrawing from their climate treaty! Send your instant FaxBlast and force Congress to intervene and invalidate the treaty all together!

The UN’s Paris Climate Treaty would lead to millions of American jobs lost over the next decades. Barack Obama worked tirelessly to kill the coal and traditional energy industries. Had Hillary Clinton won, he would have succeeded.

Inside of this treaty is a provision that requires the United States to give up coal, oil, and natural gas energy. It would put millions of Americans out of work and American energy companies would be allowed to move overseas and set up coal and natural gas power plants in countries like India and China that are already stealing American jobs. This is nothing but wealth redistribution at a global scale.

Instead of putting our resources to work helping build the American economy, the UN is demanding that the Trump administration give away American taxdollars to prop up third world countries.

The UN and the globalists won’t back down without a fight. They are threatening legal action, even sanctions, if President Trump tries to leave. They are working to force Barack Obama’s agenda back onto the American people, even though neither the voters nor Congress ever approved it.

President Trump fulfilled his promise. He announced the United States’ withdrawal. Now it is up for Members of Congress.- the same ones seen clapping during the ceremony in the Rose Garden – to come to the President’s aid and finish this!

But they won’t take action unless YOU demand it!

Don’t let the UN win! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and force them formally invalidate the climate agreement that Barack Obama unconstitutionally signed!

Don’t let the UN win this!

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.