Fellow Patriot,

We have never been so close to victory. 

Last week, President Trump made news when he refused to join the other G7 countries in signing onto the United Nations' Climate Treaty. This is the international agreement that Obama and the French deliberately designed to circumvent Congress.

They knew that Congress would never sign onto an agreement that punishes American industry in order to make India, China, and other Third World manufacturers more competitive. Obama had planned to give away three billion so the UN could upgrade power plants and manufacturing centers in the very countries that are stealing American jobs. When Trump won, he raided the treasury and gave the UN as much as he possibly could.

The entire American involvement in this UN redistribution scheme has been illegal and unconstitutional. Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to undo it. Once elected, he began dismantling the climate change executive orders that Obama tried to implemen and proposed a plan to claw back the money Barack Obama gave away to the UN.

But when it came time to formally withdraw, the moderates and liberals in the Trump administration pumped the brakes. Many of these traitors are Obama loyalists and holdovers who spent years trying to implement the UN's agenda. They expected Clinton to win and for their work to continue. 

Reports are that President Trump is preparing to withdraw the United States from the treaty Barack Obama unconstitutionally signed. But the Obama holdovers left in his administration can stall for years if they want to.

Only Congress can completely and permanently send the UN Climate Treaty to the trash where it belongs!

President Trump is fulfilling his promise to withdraw from Obama's UN treaty but he needs your help! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they do what they promised and repeal every word of Obama's illegal and unconstitutional environmental regulations!

If President Trump withdraws from the UN climate treaty, it won't be instantaneous. It took years for the EPA to implement these climate change regulations. But because so many of the regulations have already been finalized and implemented, it will take Trump years to fully undo everything Obama did. 

That means that while Trump can cut off the funding instantaneously, he will have to fight the traitors left over from the Obama administration who want nothing more than to see a whole list of US industries go bankrupt.

No, it will take an act of Congress not only to end the Obama-era regulations that are crushin businesses, but also to claw back all the funds that Obama surrendered to the United Nations.

Senator Ted Cruz and others are leading the charge to do just that. Not only is he calling on Congress to force the UN to pay back everything Obama gave away, but Cruz wants to cut off future UN funding as well.

With the UN Climate Treaty in the news, now is the time to strike!

President Trump is honoring his promise and withdrawing the United States from the deal. He has already informed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt of his decision. But the traitors in his administration are doing everything in their power to stop him!

Congress promised to act. When Barack Obama circumvented their constitutional right to ratify treaties, GOP leadership promised there would be repercussions. Now that President Trump is taking action, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are ecstatic. The GOP will be able to claim victory when Trump withdraws from the treaty without the party actually having to live up to its promises.

Even worse, they think they can do this without facing your wrath!

Don't let Ryan and McConnell leave President Trump out to dry! Tell Congress right now that they MUST defund the United Nations and erase all of Barack Obama's UN-backed environmental regulations!

This is a fight that you and I have been waging for two years. Now, the end to Barack Obama's assault is almost over. But with that end in sight, his allies left in government are making a final push to ensure that these illegal and unconstitutional regulations stay on the books.

This is a war that Donald Trump is waging against the Obama's appointees in government who are eager to see him fail. Republicans in Congress are content staying on the sidelines because they expect you to do nothing. They expect you to sit there, do nothing, and to continue voting for them.

It is up to you to prove them wrong!

It is time for you and every likeminded patriot to demand that Congress honor its oath and send Obama's UN agreement to the ashbin of history, where it belongs!

It's time to finish this. Don't let Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnells, and the traitors in government sabotage President Trump's plan! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they defund the United Nations and repeal all of the environmental regulations Obama illegally implemented!

Please join us,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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