Unless you live under a rock, you know that Donald Trump fired the FBI director, something that Republicans and Democrats have been demanding for months. Yet, in true liberal fashion, the very Democrats who once demanded James Comey’s firing are now criticizing President Trump for doing exactly what they asked for.
Led by Head Clown Chuck Schumer, the Democrats just announced that they will filibuster the next FBI nominee – whoever that is – until the Republicans agree to appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into their Russia conspiracy theories.
On its own, this means nothing. Thanks to former-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it now takes just 51 votes to confirm the next FBI Director. Theoretically, the Democrats are powerless to stop it. But now, there are Republicans not only demanding a Special Prosecutor, but also a handful of GOPers demanding the President appoint a leftist to head up the FBI.
Combine the two and the Democrats have all the votes they need…
Senator John McCain is leading the charge for a Special Prosecutor. Even though everyone has admitted, under oath, that there is no evidence the President is a Russian spy (because he isn’t one), McCain drank the Koolaid and wants to help the Democrats go after Trump anyway. He is joined by Nevada Senator Dean Heller, who told reporters today that a Special Prosecutor is back on the table…
Then, you have another wing of the GOP pressuring the President to nominate a liberal activist to head up the FBI. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is asking Trump to nominate Merrick Garland, the same liberal, anti-gun judge the Democrats and RINOs tried to put onto the Supreme Court. McConnell isn’t alone. Senator Mike Lee – who is a conservative – is also calling on Trump to nominate Garland. If you thought Comey was bad, Garland would be 100x worse. Our sources last year told us that McConnell secretly wanted Garland on the Supreme Court. The fact that he is calling for his nomination to the FBI only reinforces the reporting we published…
Yes, you read that all correctly. When you combine these two camps, the votes are there to help the Democrats sustain their filibuster.
Did you fight tooth and nail for eight years to take this country back, only to allow the Republicans to team up with the Left to go after President Trump?
I know I didn’t…
These are the real threats.
When the Obama administration was committing real crimes – selling guns to cartels, weaponizing the IRS, colluding to save Hillary Clinton – the GOP flat-out refused to push for a Special Prosecutor. Now, half a dozen Republicans are poised to give one to the Democrats…
Every time a Democrat is asked for evidence of Trump collusion with Russia, they are forced to admit that there is none. On top of that, the suggestion that Comey should be replaced by a liberal activist judge is just ridiculous. It would be hilarious if they weren’t one hundred percent serious about it.
The GOP is acting like Hillary Clinton is President because, honestly, many of them wish she was. It is no surprise that the Republicans who tried so hard to defeat Trump in the General election are now teaming up with Democrats to push these nonsense conspiracy theories.
It takes just 3 Republicans teaming up with Democrats to sustain a leftist filibuster. By our count, there are at least six and that doesn’t include the spineless Republicans hiding in plain sight.
This is all happening fast. Overnight, we’ve seen a major surrender emerge in the Republican Party.
You MUST fight back!

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

Website: https://conservative-daily.com/