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A bombshell just came out proving that we were right all along: The Obama administration worked with British intelligence to surveil and “wiretap” elements of the Trump campaign without a warrant. 

A month ago, we ran this story and got a lot of heat for it. Judge Andrew Napolitano almost lost his job at Fox News for reporting on this story. Our sources were telling us that the Obama administration had circumvented the law and constitution by having the British perform the surveillance on the Trump team.

Since WWII, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have formed an intelligence alliance known as “Five Eyes.” They openly share intelligence with one another. It is well documented that countries use this alliance to spy on their own citizens without violating the law or their target’s rights.

We got a lot of hate mail from people demanding that we retract the story. When the British government demanded an apology from the White House for even insinuating this, we were afraid we had gotten the story all wrong.

Then, the Susan Rice story broke, essentially proving half of what we said to be true. The Obama administration did spy on the Trump administration. So, we held off on a retraction to see if anything else came to light.

Today, multiple news outlets have confirmed that our original allegation was correct all along. The Obama White House relied on British intelligence to spy on a Trump advisor without a warrant. Susan Rice unmasked the British intel and this was presented to a FISA judge to justify a surveillance warrant.

The Obama administration used a foreign government to spy on the Republican nominee’s advisor without a warrant and then when the intelligence agencies kept the advisor’s name redacted, Susan Rice demanded that it be unmasked. Someone in the Obama regime is going to prison.

Help us take Obama down! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to fully investigate this verified claim that Obama used foreign intelligence to spy on Donald Trump!

The Obama administration had no right to just wiretap American citizens. To do so without a warrant would be a clear violation of the individual’s 4th Amendment rights. But they needed evidence in order to justify a warrant in the first place. They couldn’t wiretap or spy on Americans… but the British could.

So, the Obama regime got their “evidence” from the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). But when that intelligence report reached the White House, the names of the American were masked in accordance with their Fourth Amendment right to be free from warrantless searches.

Susan Rice took this document and asked for the American’s identity to be unmasked, essentially creating a loophole to allow the Obama White House to surveil political opponents without a warrant.

Based on the timeline, this intelligence was likely presented to the FISA court to justify a surveillance warrant on Trump advisor Carter Page, as has been reported by the Washington Post.

Everything is coming full circle.

Obama didn’t have the evidence required for a warrant and without a warrant, they couldn’t legally or constitutionally collect evidence. Even when they relied on a foreign intelligence agency to do the spying, the British reports still reached the White House with American names redacted. That pesky Fourth Amendment…

That is why the Susan Rice story is such big deal. Her unmasking request was essential to the administration’s conspiracy to violate the constitution.

She and her accomplices need to go to prison.

Help send these criminals to prison! Send your FaxBlast to Congress right now and demand they fully investigate this now verified bombshell allegation!

It took a month, but the truth has finally come to light. The Obama administration teamed up with a foreign power to spy on one of Trump’s advisors and Susan Rice unmasked the names.

This is a crime. Actually, this constitutes a number of crimes.

Did you know that Susan Rice hasn’t even been subpoenaed to testify before Congress yet? Republicans are hoping that you will forget about this so they don’t need to follow through.

It is up to YOU to hold Congress accountable and demand that they subpoena Susan Rice and her accomplices and, if necessary, refer them to the DOJ for prosecution!

Don’t let Obama get away with it! Send your urgent message to Congress and FORCE them to fully investigate this now verified allegation of warrantless spying!


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