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Well, here it is. The smoking gun we have all been waiting for.

Many news outlets – and I mean many – are now confirming that the spy program against Donald Trump went all the way to the Obama White House. Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice – who infamously went on the Sunday shows to blame the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video – is the official responsible for “unmasking” Trump and his aides.

Here is what “unmasking” means. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects Americans from warrantless searches or seizures. A warrant is required to spy on American citizens. If an American is caught up in an investigation and the government does not have a warrant to surveil that person, then their identity must be kept confidential. Without this protection, the Fourth Amendment would mean nothing.

The Obama administration tried to get a warrant to place surveillance on the Trump administration. They were turned down. Yet, transcripts of conversations were still collected and used for political purposes. Either the Obama administration spied on Trump without a warrant or they “incidentally” collected information on the Trump team and then illegally unmasked it.

Ultimately, the effect is the same.

The question has always been who ordered the warrantless surveillance or unmasking. We now know that was Susan Rice herself, Obama’s own National Security Advisor.

We have to ask ourselves a simple question: Is it possible for a cabinet-level White House employee to spy on the President-elect without the sitting-President knowing about it?

This proves that Obama was involved in the spying against Trump! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they subpoena Obama and his team to testify!

The answer is clearly “no.” If the President’s right-hand woman was involved in spying on the Republican President-Elect, then the President must have known about it.

Have you noticed how quiet the Obamas have been? When Donald Trump first made his allegation of “wiretapping,” Obama’s spokesperson released a cryptic press statement saying they never engaged in “warrantless surveillance.” But since we learned that they were involved in unmasking Trump and his associates, which is essentially the same thing, Obama and his team have gone completely silent.

Our suspicions have proven correct. We’ve known the Obama administration spied on Trump for weeks. Now, we know that the Obama White House was involved. That’s a big difference. This wasn’t some low-level intelligence employee who did this on their own. This was run from the White House itself.

This is a crime. This is prison time. This is checkmate.

Tell Congress that they must subpoena Barack Obama and his team to testify before Congress about the unwarranted surveillance of Trump and his associates!

Republicans are trying to sweep this under the rug. Instead of praising the investigative work of House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes, RINOs like Senator John McCain actually criticized Nunes for this discovery.

McCain accused Rep. Nunes of “killing” the Russia investigation by proving that Donald Trump was illegally spied on. McCain would rather cover-up Obama’s crimes.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Republican Party. This is who is in charge of enacting the agenda that we voted for.

This is who is in charge of holding the Obama administration accountable for these crimes.

After this revelation, Susan Rice needs to be subpoenaed. Barack Obama needs to be subpoenaed. And if they admit under oath to committing crimes, they must be charged.

Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to subpoena Barack Obama and all of his aides to testify about their warrantless surveillance against the Trump team!

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Max McGuire

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