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Well, this is it. A new report confirms that not only did the Obama administration spy on President Trump, but it was orchestrated by very a senior intelligence official before Trump even became the Republican nominee. These reports indicate that House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) tried to view this evidence back in January but the Obama-holdovers in these intelligence agencies blocked him.

Not only does this new evidence show that Trump and his team were being spied on but it proves that the information was spread for political purposes.

We told you this week about Evelyn Farkas, the former Obama official who admitted that the Obama White House spied on Trump for political purposes. She is now claiming that we are fake news because we reported exactly what she said. It’s such fake news that she has just retained a lawyer. Give me a break…

This new report verifies what Farkas let slip on national TV. Trump and his team were spied on and the Obama administration spread this intel across government, including to Democrats in Congress, for political purposes. Not only that, but Obama-holdovers actually tried to block Congress from learning about this…

Someone has to go to prison. Send your FaxBlast below to Congress and DEMAND that all Obama officials responsible for these violations be charged under the Espionage Act!

That is the part that is going to force Congress to act. Many of these Congressmen and Senators were “NeverTrumpers” during the election. They aren’t going to bend over backwards to help President Trump. But the idea that bureaucrats left over from the Obama administration would actually impede the Congress from accessing this information is a big deal.

Every day, we learn of more and more evidence that the Obama administration spied on Donald Trump. The mainstream media has gone on about Trump accusing Obama of “wiretapping” him. There are leftists at CNN and the New York times who will call Trump a liar until there’s proof Obama scaled the telephone pole himself to bug the line.

But the fact of the matter is that there is now concrete evidence of spying and concrete evidence that Trump was surveilled for political purposes. And President Trump isn’t letting this go unnoticed…

Trump is taking a play right out of the Obama playbook. Instead of leaking classified intelligence, Obama officials would simply reference news reports that talk about the Classified information. Now, Trump is using their strategy against them.

So what do we know? We know that the Obama administration asked a judge for permission to spy on Donald Trump and they were denied. In the three decades since the FISA court was created, Obama’s request to spy on Trump was just the 13th denial in the court’s history. Then, we saw intelligence employees leak transcripts of Michael Flynn’s phone calls to the Washington Post in order to get him fired. We witnessed an Obama official admit on live television that Trump was surveilled and the intel was given to Congressional Democrats to launch a smear campaign and now multiple intel sources are confirming that Evelyn Farkas’ claims were correct. And finally, President Trump is tweeting about it.

When this inquiry started, I hoped that an Obama official would go to jail over it. I hoped it would be an Evelyn Farkas or some other Obama appointee. Now, it is abundantly clear that with a real investigation, Obama officials will see the inside of a jail cell.

Help us take ’em down. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to subpoena and charge all Obama officials who were responsible for these violations of the Espionage Act!

That last part is key. We need a “real” investigation, not an investigation into this nonsense that Donald Trump is a covert Russian spy or that Michael Flynn, a decorated General with 30 years of service, committed treason to help the Russians.

The Democrats are frantically trying to block this. They are trying to get Rep. Nunes removed from the intel committee so he can no longer prosecute the case against the Obama administration. This is the Left’s playbook. Whenever someone gets close to revealing their crimes, they launch a smear campaign.

They must be stopped!

Send your FaxBlast below to Congress and DEMAND that all Obama officials responsible for these violations be charged under the Espionage Act!

The walls are closing in,

Joe Otto
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