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The United Nations is stunned. For eight years, the Obama administration gave them a blank check and worked with them to enact liberal agenda items. That gravy train is over.

When President Trump released his budget, he proposed slashing the UN’s budget by up to 50%. Did the UN back off and start changing its ways? No.

Despite all the atrocities taking place around the world, the UN human rights chief has decided to go after the Trump administration. Why? Because Trump is deporting illegal aliens and stopping Middle Eastern refugees from entering the United States.

The UN’s message? Let the refugees and illegal aliens stay… or else!

Force Congress to pull the plug! Send your FaxBlast and demand that they defund the United Nations over this!

Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, a Jordanian Prince and now the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, threatened the Trump administration with repercussions if the President did not stop “discriminating” against “Mexicans and Muslims.” He even threatened to take the United States to International court for violating the “right” of people to live in the United States.

He declared that President Trump’s policies are “in breach of international law, if undertaken without due process guarantees, including individual assessment.” He also declared that there is no alternative but to give the Palestinians their own state and the US could be punished for interfering…

Yes, he is that backwards.

The United Nations is also taunting the United States and declaring there is nothing Trump can do to stop the UN Climate Change Treaty, Arms Treaty, or other politicized treaties signed by Obama without Congressional approval.

They think that they can threaten the Trump administration while continuing to cash checks from the United States Treasury.

If the UN takes the United States to court over Trump’s deportation policies or refugee ban (which a Virginia judge just upheld), they will finance their lawsuit with YOUR tax dollars.

No more…

Senator Ted Cruz has a bill that is just gathering dust in the Senate. It would completely defund the United Nations. He recently pleaded with Conservatives around the country to hold Congress accountable for the promises it made. One of those is to completely defund the United Nations.

Barack Obama spent eight years conspiring with the United Nations to implement their globalist agenda. To accomplish this, he bypassed Congress and the US Constitution’s treaty clause.

Days before leaving office, Obama raided the treasury and gave away an additional half billion dollars of your money to help the UN fund its liberal pet projects.

And now the UN is using this money to undermine the Trump administration.

No more United Nations! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and help Ted Cruz force a vote on his bill to defund the UN!

Finish this,

Joe Otto
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