On Thursday, Congress began considering legislation that would dismantle the liberal 9th Circuit Court.

The United States is broken up into 11 Circuits. Each Circuit typically presides over 5%-10% of the American population. The 9th Circuit Court, however, encompasses 9 states and two territories.

When the 9th Circuit was created in 1891, it included six states (California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. These six states represented 3.3% of the country’s population at the time (roughly 2 million people). By 1980, the population in the 9th Circuit had grown to 37 million, or 16.4 of the Country’s population.

Today, there are more than 61 million people living inside the 9th Circuit and this court’s rulings affect one in every five Americans.

The court has simply gotten too big. When the 9th Circuit was designed in the late 1800’s, no one imagined that California would become the most populous or liberal state in the country.

We saw most recently how the 9th Circuit Court operates. Judges bent the law to allow a single District Judge to block Pres. Trump’s refugee ban.

Now, Congress has begun considering bills that would split the 9th Circuit up. The bills are already moving their way through committee!

Put an end to these liberal activist judges for good! Tell Congress to approve legislation to break up the bloated 9th Circuit!

If Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada got their own Circuit Court, then it would rival the 1st Circuit (Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut) in population size. If it included Washington State, it would be just the third-smallest Circuit in the country. More importantly, these Conservative states would not be subject to the will of liberal Californians.

Right now, there is precedent in the 9th Circuit that says there is no such thing as a Constitutional right to carry a firearm for self-defense. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that State and Local governments have the authority to prohibit both open and concealed carry. Essentially, these judges decided that the Second Amendment right to “bear arms” doesn’t apply to 20% of Americans.

Even though the Appeal Court focused exclusively on a California gun law, that ruling also now applies to Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada (all pro-gun states) as well.

Every time a liberal judge upholds a liberal law in California, Conservatives living in these other Western states suffer tremendously.

There is currently a lawsuit pending in the 9th Circuit against President Trump’s deportation executive order. If the Court rules in San Francisco’s favor, you could see these other Conservative states all of a sudden involuntarily become illegal alien sanctuaries.

It just doesn’t make any sense…

Not surprisingly, the Judges from the 9th Circuit are fighting the legislation. They don’t want the Circuit being broken up. They like having the ability to dictate the lives of 1/5 of all Americans.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is by no means a Conservative. But he has authored legislation to create the “Mountain Circuit”: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington. 

There are three other bills that would similarly break up the 9th Circuit.

As long as a handful of liberal activist judges have the power to interpret the Constitution for 1/5 of all Americans, we will continue to see these sham rulings.

Congress is doing its duty and considering the bills. Now it is time for you to demand they pass it!

Take the power back from these liberal activist judges! Send your FaxBlast and demand that Congress break up the 9th Circuit Court!

Let’s break it up,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Joe Otto