Fellow Conservative,

The state of the union is chaos.

All across this country, states and cities are refusing to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities. The result is that innocent Americans are being killed. At least five innocent people were killed this month alone because of local sanctuary city policies.

In Denver, the County Sheriff refused to hand an illegal alien car thief named Ever Valles over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They gave Federal agents a 26-minute warning before they let this illegal alien criminal out of jail, which wasn’t nearly enough time

A month and a half later, Valles is back behind bars and charged with murder. He allegedly shot and killed a man on a train platform during a botched robbery.

Or we can look at Connecticut. Governor Dannel Malloy has ordered his state’s police officers to ignore any Federal requests for assistance on immigration enforcement. The Governor has declared Connecticut to be a sanctuary state.

Two days after his order, a previously deported illegal alien criminal named Oscar Hernandez killed his girlfriend and abducted her six-year-old daughter. Hernandez has violent felonies on his record, yet the Governor had determined he posed no threat.

This is happening all across the country. Tonight, President Trump will deliver his address to a Joint Session of Congress. He will ask them to defund the sanctuary cities that are enabling this carnage.

Republicans are terrified of having to do this. They are still convinced that the way to win elections is to surrender to the amnesty lobby.

It is up to YOU to prove them wrong!

Please, send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to defund every sanctuary city and state that harbors illegal alien criminals!

President Trump hasn’t done anything outrageous. He has instructed ICE to deport any illegal alien with a criminal record. This is something Obama had promised to do, but his order had so many loopholes it was unenforceable.

Last week in Indiana, an illegal alien without a driver’s license got into an accident on the highway and killed a man. She was driving drunk and killed a former-missionary. She was previously caught driving without a license, insurance, or registration but let go under the disctrict's sanctuary city policy.

A week and a half ago, four illegal aliens were arrested in Virginia connection to a savage gang-related killing of a 15-year-old girl. The Governor just vetoed a bill that would have outlawed sanctuary cities in Virginia.

In Texas, a previously deported illegal alien from Honduras brutally beat a 56-year-old Navy Veteran and stole his car. The victim has since succumbed to his injuries and passed away and his killer is now in custody awaiting capital murder charges.

The list literally goes on and on.

In just five weeks, at least five innocent people were killed at the hands of illegal aliens. All of the perpetrators had prior records. They all were known to police. Every single crime occurred in a “sanctuary city” where local police refuse to help the Feds enforce immigration law.

President Trump has ordered ICE to deport these kinds of illegal aliens. Liberals have promised to protect them. The Left doesn’t care how many innocent Americans are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness…

Trump’s plan would hit them where it hurts. It would defund any city or state that harbors illegal alien criminals.

Right now, Republicans in Congress are working on an Immigration Enforcement package. This will include Kate’s Law and funding for a border wall.

It is up to YOU to demand that they defund every single sanctuary city and state as well!

We’re looking to bombard Congress with 100k FaxBlasts. Join the fight and DEMAND that Congress pull funding from every single sanctuary city and state!

These cities and states receive billions of dollars in Federal grant money. They willingly accept law enforcement grants and then refuse to help enforce the law.

In Denver, ICE agents have been forced to camp out in courthouses and make their arrests as suspects leave courtrooms. This is because the local police refuse to help them at all. These are illegal aliens who are in court for other violations and local law enforcement still refuses to turn them over to the Feds.

Tonight is Donald Trump’s first address to a Joint Session of Congress, essentially a State of the Union address. He will likely talk about many of these horrible tragedies and implore Congress to give him the tools to stop this carnage.

We are launching a major push. We’re looking to bombard Congress with 100,000 faxes between now and the speech demanding that they defund sanctuary cities.

Will you please join this fight?

Please, send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to defund every sanctuary city and state that harbors illegal alien criminals!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Joe Otto