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When Presidents reach the end of their time in office, they always begin the process of pardoning criminals and commuting their sentences.

Barack Obama is the first President ever to use this power to free terrorists and traitors from prison.

Yesterday, Barack Obama commuted Bradley Manning’s sentence. As you remember, Manning is the one who leaked thousands of pages of classified information to Wikileaks. Obama commuted this sentence 28 years early. This just goes to show how hypocritical the Democrats are. In one breath, they blame Wikileaks for swinging the Presidential election. In the next breath, Obama is releasing the biggest source of their leaks from prison.

Next, Barack Obama released Oscar Lopez Rivera, an FALN terrorist convicted in 1981 of planting 130+ bombs in American cities. Wow…

Then, not to be outdone, Barack Obama set TEN Guantanamo terrorists free. One of those was released after it was revealed he was mistaken for another jihadi, but the other 9 were determined to pose either a medium or high risk to US forces if ever released.

Obama still has 2 days left and there are still 15 terrorists at Guantanamo that are slated for release. Obama can release at least 8 of them. Two days left to release the worst of the worst terrorists…

Obama is releasing terrorists who promised to behead and bomb Americans! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they block him from releasing these hardened terrorists!

These men in Guantanamo are the worst of the worst. They were determined to have high intelligence value and pose a high risk if ever released.

One of the released terrorists – Salman Yahya Hassan Muhammad Rabeii – was caught receiving advanced training at an al-Qaeda assassination training camp.

Think about that… His sole job was to assassinate people. Not only did Rabeii admit to being at the assassin training camp, but the Pentagon compiled evidence proving he was there as well.

The great irony is that the only reason we know about the evidence collected on these Guantanamo terrorists is because Bradley Manning leaked the files to Wikileaks. Talk about coming full circle…

We have just hours left of the Obama Presidency. Less than 48 hours by midday today.

We know for a fact that more releases are coming. At least 15 GITMO terrorists are cleared for release and Obama has filed the proper paperwork to release at least 8 more before he leaves office. Based on the timing of when Obama notified Congress – 30 days before he planned to release the terrorists – more are yet to be released.

Terrorists who have promised to behead Americans if ever given another opportunity are still slated to be released in the next 48 hours. Obama is giving them that chance.

Obama is the first President in history to release traitors and terrorists from prison in his final days. Unfortunately, he is not done.

We are so close to being able to go on offense. But before we can do that, we need to stop this from moving forward!

Obama is releasing terrorists who promised to behead and bomb Americans! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they block him from releasing these hardened terrorists!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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