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It’s working. Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL) has introduced H.R. 193, the “American Sovereignty Restoration Act,” to formally cut the financial ties between the United States and the United Nations. This development is so recent that Congress hasn’t even published this year’s version of the legislation. But if it is anything like last year’s bill to defund the UN, it deserves your support!

The UN’s decision to target the State of Israel was the last straw, but it was just one of many cases where the Obama administration used the United Nations to push through their agenda.

The United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty, Climate Change Treaty, and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty were all UN programs that Barack Obama tried to push through this year alone without Congressional approval. The President couldn’t figure out a way to get Congress on board with his gun control, climate change, or nuclear disarmament agendas, so he bypassed Congress and went through the UN instead.

Over the weekend, Israel formally defunded the United Nations. Now it is our turn.

A lot of people in Congress are talking about defunding the UN “until” they backtrack on their Israel resolution. The American Sovereignty Restoration Act goes all in and calls for cutting off all funding. Period.

It’s time to cut the cord! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass HR 193 and defund the United Nations!

Why should American taxpayers foot the bill for an international organization that actively opposes our interests?

Why should We the People pay for the UN’s international gun control agenda?

Why should We the People foot the bill for the United Nation’s overbearing global warming programs?

Here’s the short answer: we shouldn’t.

Every year, the American Government cuts a check to the tune of $3+ billion to fund the United Nations and its programs. The UN then uses this money to deliberately target the United States and bypass Congress and the Constitution…

It’s time to cut the cord.

Think of all the good we could do with this money instead of wasting it away on the United Nations.

For decades, the thought of defunding the United Nations was seen as a “fringe” proposal. It was something we all wanted, but our elected officials seldom brought it up.

Times have changed.

Cut off the funding! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass HR 193 to defund the United Nations once and for all!

On the Senate side, RINO Lindsey Graham has teamed up with Ted Cruz to defund the United Nations. Even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is enraged over the anti-Israel resolution that the Obama administration pushed through the Security Council.

When I tell you that the votes are there for passage, I really do mean it. We are also getting even closer to the necessary vote total to override Obama’s veto.

This is becoming more important because just five days before Trump’s inauguration, the French have planned a major announcement alongside the Palestinian Authority. Word is that they are going to announce a resolution to formally recognize Palestine as a country and then try to ram it through the UN Security Council just hours before Trump is sworn in.

Congress needs to defund the United Nations once and for all. Luckily, we have never been closer to accomplishing this.

But “almost” is not good enough. Here’s the problem: None of this matters if Obama is able to continue implementing his plan. None of this matters if the UN is able to push through more leftist agenda items prior to Trump taking office.

The time to defund the UN is now.

The time for you to take action and join the fight is NOW!

It’s time to cut off the UN’s funding! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass HR 193 to defund the United Nations permanently!


Joe Otto
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Joe Otto