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Congressman Frank Guinta (NH) is introducing major legislation to completely dismantle one of the core tenets of Federal gun control.

Since 1968, it has been illegal to purchase handguns across state lines. When the law – 18 U.S.C. 922(b)(3) – was put into effect, we lived in a different world. Just think about what it took to get documents from government agencies in 1968. Background checks were done on paper and it was next to impossible to process records requests across state lines. The ban on interstate handgun purchases was put into effect because Congress didn't think it was possible to facilitate those transfers beck then. Today, everything is digital and instantaneous.

If someone from California bought a handgun in Florida, in 1968 it was physically impossible to run that background check.  Everything was stored in paper records.

Each of the 50 states had a different way of storing conviction and mental health records. There was no universal method of recordkeeping so if the goal was to stop prohibited persons from buying handguns, it made sense to limit the purchases to where background checks could be processed.

But we live in a different age. All background checks are now funneled through the FBI and the records are digital. I have never had to wait longer than a few minutes to receive the "all clear" to buy a gun, though waits get significantly longer on holidays.

Congressman Guinta’s bill brings the background check system into the digital age and allows people to legally buy handguns across state lines. Essentially, his bill would treat handguns just like any other firearm. He wants to introduce this bill with as many original co-sponsors as possible, so he needs YOUR help in convincing your Congressman and Senators to get on board!

Congress is going to overturn the interstate ban on handguns! Tell your Congressman and Senators to co-sponsor this bill and STOP the Federal government from violating Americans’ rights!

There is nothing nefarious about this new legislation at all. The Supreme Court has already ruled that Americans have the right to purchase and own a handgun. This new law will make sure that right applies nationwide, not just in someone’s primary state of residence.

Let’s say a New Yorker is at his vacation home in Texas. Right now, if he wants to protect himself while on vacation, the only way to purchase a handgun is to fly all the way back to New York and go through their bureaucratic nonsense. Congressman Guinta’s bill gets rid of all this ridiculousness entirely.

Here’s the truly silly part: it is perfectly legal to purchase a rifle or shotgun across state lines from a licensed dealer and guess what? The background check works perfectly. Because the background check system is run through the FBI, it doesn’t matter what state you’re in. The records are all there and the check is nearly instantaneous.

This law is a relic from an era when handguns were demonized and there were nationwide campaigns to ban them. With the Supreme Court’s Heller ruling, those campaigns are no more.

Not only that, but a Federal Judge in Texas ruled last year that the entire law is unconstitutional to begin with!

There is no longer a safety component to the ban therefore the government has no compelling interest to enforce it. The only reason for an interstate ban on handgun purchases is to punish Americans.

That is why it is so important to bring the law into the 21st century!

In order for this bill to pass, it needs to make a real splash. The Congressman is holding back on filing it because he wants to file it with as many co-sponsors as possible, which makes complete sense. The more co-sponsors, the more press and the higher likelihood of passage. Considering that Democrats proposed almost identical legislation in 2013, this has a good chance of passing.

But it needs YOUR help!

We have a chance to dismantle on of the cornerstones of federal gun control. The government believes it has the power to tell you when and where you can buy firearms. It’s time to rise up and tell them NO!

We have a chance to kill this piece of gun control! Stand up and fight! Tell Congress to co-sponsor Rep. Guinta’s bill to dismantle the interstate ban on handgun purchases!

Now, I know you might not think this is a worthwhile fight. But it is.

Dismantling this law will open up new competition, especially for those living near state borders. It will allow Americans traveling across country to purchase a handgun for self-defense if the need arises or if they just see something they like at a decent price. This is America, we don't need a reason to purchase a firearm.

But more importantly, it will eliminate one of the key components of the liberals’ gun registration apparatus. By restricting handgun purchases to within a state, it makes it easier for liberal states to keep their citizens disarmed.

This is a big deal. The fact that the 1968 Gun Control Act treated handguns differently than long guns was bad enough, but it is ridiculous that a ban designed around the limitations of paper record keeping has survived into the digital age.

They have trampled on our freedoms for far too long!

Click and FaxBlast Congress demanding they sign-on to Congressman Guinta’s bill to dismantle unconstitutional portions of the 1968 Gun Control Act!


Joe Otto
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Joe Otto