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We are in the midst of another border surge. We are already seeing huge increases in border crossings.

We are seeing a 102% increase in “children” crossing the border. I say “children” because many of them are 17 and are coming across with gang tattoos. We are seeing a 171% increase in the surge of full family units.

And in the midst of all of this, at the start of another border crisis expected to be worse than any year before, the Obama administration is still telling Border Patrol to stand down.

Any Border Patrol Agent who disagrees with the President’s catch-and-release program has been told to find another job.

“If you really don’t want to follow the directions of your superiors, including the president of the United States and the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, then you really do need to look for another job,” Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske told a Congressional committee yesterday.

Let that sink in… If a Border Patrol Agent says that he is going to enforce the law as written instead of Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, then he’s going to be fired.

Illegal aliens are being released from jail and prison and instead of being deported, they’re being put onto welfare. I’m not talking about petty crimes, I’m talking about rapists, murderers, and violent criminals. Now, more illegal aliens are being ushered through the border and for the first time ever, an Obama official has said that Border Patrol agents will be fired for resisting.

An Obama official just threatened Border Patrol Agents with being fired if the enforce our border laws! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that the Border Patrol Commissioner be removed from his position!

These agents took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and the law. Now they’re being told that if they honor that oath, they’ll be fired.

This is a serious escalation. But it also represents an optimistic development.

This isn’t some low-level bureaucrat. This is a Senate-confirmed position. For the CBP Commissioner to warn agents that they’ll be fired for honoring their oath means that they are receiving pushback.

That means we can win. In all honesty, this is a losing battle if Border Patrol agents aren’t willing to fight as well. But they are willing to fight. They are pushing back and the Obama administration is terrified.

Realize, we’re not asking to a lot. We’re asking for illegal aliens caught crossing the border to be arrested, identified, booked, and sent back, a.k.a. do what the law requires.

We’ve already seen the Obama administration do this in the military. Sgt. Martland is being kicked out of the military because he defended a small child against a serial Afghan rapist.

They will use any excuse to strip the military or border patrol of anyone who opposes Obama’s tyrannical vision. Anyone who resists or indicates that they will honor their oath is fired or demoted until they quit.

Meanwhile, illegal aliens have started pouring across the border once again in larger numbers than before.

Border Patrol is fighting back to the point where the Commissioner of the Agency threatened to fire them in testimony before Congress.

They’re fighting for you. It’s time for you to fight for them!

If you won’t raise your voice right now, who will?

Border Patrol Agents were just told that they’ll be fired if they arrest illegal aliens caught crossing the border! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that the Border Patrol Commissioner be removed from this position!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily



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