Fellow Conservative,

Mitch McConnell is waving the white flag. He’s given up. Apparently, he is more than happy with paving the way for Iran to get a nuclear weapon.

McConnell held a vote to stop the Iran deal in its tracks and 42 Democrats were able to filibuster it in order to save President Obama the embarrassment of having Congress oppose his nuclear treaty. Instead of going around the filibuster or bringing the bill to Conference to get it passed easily, he just gave up.

I am so done with watching Mitch McConnell feign Conservatism only to surrender to the Left when it really matters. He did it on Obamacare, Obamatrade, amnesty for illegal aliens, Planned Parenthood, and now the Iran deal.

Mitch McConnell has done NOTHING he promised he would. Absolutely nothing.

John Boehner isn’t much better. Instead of standing on principle and actually defunding Planned Parenthood, he held a vote that has absolutely zero chance of reaching Obama’s desk. Conservatives gave Boehner an ultimatum: defund Planned Parenthood in this year’s budget or be removed from power.

He chose the latter. He has no intention of actually fighting to defund this butcher shop of an organization.

These two men are spineless. They have absolutely no business running Congress and its about time they’re reminded who they serve!

No more RINO leadership! Click and tell Congress to kick Boehner and McConnell to the curb!

This is the last straw. It has to be the last straw.

Boehner and McConnell could care less about conservatism. They only care about themselves and advancing the interests of their donors.

They are exactly what’s wrong with this country and every day they’re allowed to remain in power puts the conservative movement back even further.

With the stroke of a pen, McConnell could push the Iran deal through. But he won’t because he is a ‘Fauxervative.’ Why would he vote to keep the Iran sanctions when his corporate donors want to start doing business with Tehran.

Boehner refuses to defund Planned Parenthood because he is terrified of being blamed for a government shutdown. He is more interested in optics than actually standing on principle.

Enough is enough. The votes are there to remove Boehner. The votes are there to remove McConnell. The only thing lacking is the will to act!

That’s where you come in! Tell Congress to remove Boehner, McConnell, and the rest of the RINOs from leadership positions immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily



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Joe Otto