How many felonies and criminal charges can Hillary Clinton rack up in a 48 hour period?

Let’s count them!

This week, she signed a statement under the penalty of perjury that she handed every single work-related email over to the State Department. We know for a FACT that she did not. Benghazi-related emails between Mrs. Clinton and long-time confidant Sid Blumenthal were NOT included in the files handed over to the State Dept earlier this year. Hillary Clinton just committed perjury.

Then there’s her statement that there were no classified materials on her email servers and personal computers. There’s a reason that it is illegal to just take classified documents home with you. There’s no telling who would have access to them. Gen. Petraeus was charged with illegally storing classified documents in a locked drawer. Hillary took Top Secret documents and stored them on a server that anyone could have hacked into and on a portable hard-drive that her staff and attorneys had unrestricted access to. It is a felony to store classified intelligence files like this.

And then, there’s the worst charge of all. When Hillary Clinton took possession of these classified files, someone in her team edited the documents to remove the “Top Secret” stamp at the top of the pages. There is only one reason to do this and that is to be able to send these files to people who don’t have the sufficient security clearances. So not only did Clinton’s team illegally alter Top Secret files, but it is also highly likely the files were shared with people who didn’t have sufficient clearance.

We can’t trust Obama’s DOJ to prosecute Hillary. Demand that Congress subpoena her and launch a full investigation into these crimes!

This is the part that is the real doozy. All along, Hillary claimed that she never received any classified materials.

It turns out that the files she received, illegally edited, and illegally stored were surveillance photographs from our spy satellites.

Our intelligence agencies have spy satellites and communications interceptors so we can stay one step ahead of our enemies. By storing these Top Secret files on an unsecure server, Hillary opened the door for literally any hacker on earth to access them. If the Obama administration isn’t going to prosecute Hillary Clinton to the fullest extent of the law, then they might as well just give our enemies the security codes to our surveillance systems.

That’s the main problem, though. The question is if the Obama administration is going to do anything about it.

That’s what is so pathetic. Hillary Clinton is a criminal. She has broken countless laws and even as the walls close in around her, she still thinks she can talk her way out of this. And if you don’t rise up against her, she likely will…

Hillary Clinton represents what is absolutely wrong with this country. She is quite literally an empty pants suit. I would say she accomplished nothing while Secretary of State, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. She succeeded in putting this country at risk by mishandling confidential and Top Secret documents, exposing our intelligence establishment to an unknown number of breaches.

If it was anyone else, they would already be in prison. If it was anyone else, they would already be charged with a crime.

We don’t have to wait for Obama’s DOJ to act. Congress has complete authority to subpoena and investigate Hillary Clinton’s crimes on its own.

You realize that if Hillary is convicted of a felony, she is no longer allowed to pursue elected office, right? Take a step back and imagine how horrible a Hillary Clinton presidency would be. Pretty bad, right?

All that is avoidable if Hillary gets what is coming to her: prison time.

Don’t let Obama shield Hillary from prosecution! Click to demand that Congress open up a full investigation into her crimes!

Let’s send this witch to prison,

Joe Otto

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Joe Otto