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If I was in the military and I said that, there’d be hell to pay right now… But what is even more confusing is that not only are regular soldiers being punished for expressing their faiths, but ordained Chaplains are being censored as well.

The United States Military has a long history of using Chaplains to help soldiers cope with the realities of war. A Military Chaplain does not have to be Christian. While many are, there are plenty of Jewish Chaplains that meet the spiritual needs of Jewish soldiers.

The point is that Chaplains are in the military to help our men and women in uniform.

So why is the Army censoring Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn? Because he explained the Biblical approach for dealing with depression at a suicide prevention session.

Chaplains are in the military to tend to the spiritual needs of soldiers and here the Army is punishing a Chaplain for using faith to preach against suicide. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Demand that Congress STOP the Military from punishing this Chaplain for doing his job and helping soldiers!

During the suicide prevention session, Chaplain Lawhorn laid out the biblical approach to dealing with suicide along with a secular approach to fighting depression and suicidal thoughts.

One student complained. A single soldier reached out to the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers and complained that the Chaplain was preaching the Gospel.

How despicable is that? Here we have an ordained Chaplain trying to help soldiers battle depression and the only thing the left cares about is that he used Jesus’ message to do it.

Word of Chaplain Lawhorn’s actions began to make its way up the chain of command, prompting Colonel David Fivecoat to write a letter demanding that Lawhorn cease using God’s word to help soldiers fight depression. No, I am not making this up…

“During this training, you were perceived to advocate Christianity and used Christian scripture and solutions,” the letter explains, “As the battalion chaplain, you are entrusted to care for the emotional wellbeing of all soldiers in the battalion. You, above all others, must be cognizant of the various beliefs held by diverse soldiers. During mandatory training briefings, it is imperative you are careful to avoid any perception you are advocating one system of beliefs over another.”

Yes, that is the actual letter that was sent reprimanding Chaplain Lawhorn. First of all, since when did it become a crime for a CHAPLAIN to be perceived to advocate Christianity or to use Christian scripture to teach life lessons?

If the Military is so concerned with Chaplains preaching during suicide prevention sessions, why are they even put in charge of running these sessions???

This is absolute madness! Force Congress to stop the Military from punishing Chaplains for spreading the Gospel!

Truth be told, a mental health professional would be a much better fit in this environment. The truth is that Chaplains run these sessions because the Army believes that spiritual wellness is an important component of a soldier’s mental health.

In fact, the Chaplain’s actions should be covered by Section 533 of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act which has a “right of conscience” clause and protects soldiers who profess deeply held religious beliefs during their service.

But, the Military is still going after Chaplain Lawhorn. This is how far we have fallen under Obama. If the Democrats had their way, all chaplains would be secular (whatever that means).

We have to take a stand NOW! The Army has a long history of using Chaplains to care for soldiers and these Chaplains span multiple faiths. This is as much an attack on faith itself as it is on Christianity and it must be stopped!

One person complained… Just one person complained that this Chaplain used the Gospel to help people overcome depression and suicidal thoughts.

This country is so backwards and it all started going down hill during the Obama presidency. Chaplains have been under constant assault, as if they should just abandon their faith and become secular counselors.

Our men and women in uniform need spiritual guidance and these leftist atheists CANNOT be allowed to dilute faith in the military! It can’t be allowed to happen!

As I mentioned, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) protects religious expression in the Military. But that law is up for renewal. You need to raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress reauthorize the ‘religious conscience’ clause and provide explicit protections for military chaplains.

This bill will be voted on in a matter of days. You have the ability to take a stand and help make sure that these religious rights are protected and that is exactly what you must do!

Liberals are going after Military Chaplains! Demand that Congress reauthorize and expand the ‘religious conscience’ clause in the next NDAA bill!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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