Dear Conservative,

Yesterday, Eric Holder announced that he was resigning as Barack Obama’s Attorney General. That got me thinking… why now?

Earlier in the week, Eric Holder attempted to block and delay the release of vital Fast and Furious government documents.

As you might remember, earlier this summer a Federal Judge demanded that Eric Holder release all relevant Fast and Furious documents.

The Attorney General asked the Judge for another extension, requesting that the new due date be November 3, 2014…

That’s right, the Attorney General of the United States wanted to wait until the day before the midterm elections before releasing the sensitive documents!

Holder wanted damage control… If you release damning information the day before the election, it is possible it will have less of an impact because less people can hear about it…

Whatever is in those Fast and Furious documents is so damning that the Attorney General actually RESIGNED just days after being forced to turn them over!

Eric Holder knows that these documents spell his downfall… He knows that the Obama administration’s cover-up will not only get him removed from office, but also likely thrown in jail!

So, he is trying to get ahead of this and save his own hide. But Congress can put a stop to this right now!

Only you can DEMAND that Congress hold Eric Holder accountable and arrest him for his crimes!

The Obama administration looks at the calendar and realizes that Eric Holder’s days are numbered. With the Fast and Furious scandal about to be blown wide open, and Republicans poised to retake the Senate, the conditions will soon be perfect for Eric Holder’s impeachment.

The only logical thing to do is to resign and Eric Holder believes he is safe now…


Many top Republicans have promised that the investigation into Eric Holder’s crimes will continue, regardless of his resignation…

Investigation? What is there to investigate?

This man deliberately obstructed an investigation into an illegal DOJ/ATF gun-walking program that ultimately provided weapons to Mexican cartels that led to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

There is literally blood on his hands. And now that U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates has ordered the DOJ to release all the Fast & Furious documents, Eric Holder suddenly thinks he can get away with it by resigning… He thinks that he can ride off into the sunset without having to pay the price for his actions…

The only way that Eric Holder will get away with it is if YOU let him!

Only you can DEMAND that Congress hold Eric Holder accountable and arrest him for his crimes!

The list of Eric Holder’s misdeeds is certainly long enough.

He covered up the Obama administration’s involvement in Fast & Furious…

He has refused to prosecute Lois Lerner, despite the preponderance of evidence proving she illegally targeted Conservatives, and has actually collaborated with the IRS to go after conservative organizations…

He has illegally and unconstitutionally wiretapped journalists’ phones, many of whom were critical of the administration…

And Eric Holder has been one of the loudest proponents of illegal alien amnesty, doing his part to make sure that the people in this country illegally eventually get citizenship…

I could go on… the list could go on…

But rumor has it that something even more sinister is going on behind the scenes. Many believe that Eric Holder is stepping down so that Barack Obama can nominate him to the Supreme Court!

It’s no secret that Liberals have been pressuring the aging Ruth Bader Ginsburg to step down, but Eric Holder’s sudden resignation calls into question whether he might be nominated to fill the spot.

It’s nauseating just thinking about that possibility…

But it’s going to be hard for Sherlock Holder to be on the Supreme Court when he is rotting in PRISON!

Yes, that’s right. I said prison! Congress has the constitutional authority to arrest Eric Holder on his Contempt of Congress charge and YOU have the power to demand it and make it happen!

Only you can DEMAND that Congress hold Eric Holder accountable and arrest him for his crimes!

The events of this week are simply too connected to be coincidence. Eric Holder believes he can high-tail it out of office before the DOJ is forced to turn over damning Fast & Furious documents…

But what Eric Holder, of all people, should understand is that one way or another justice will find him! He can’t run away from his crimes!

You can be the catalyst for this justice!

Only you can DEMAND that Congress hold Eric Holder accountable and arrest him for his crimes!

Looking forward to watching Eric Holder in handcuffs,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily


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Joe Otto