Dear Conservative,

Unfortunately, it was just a matter of time before this happened…

The Obama administration has announced new sanctions against the Russian economy, and this time American gun owners are in the crosshairs!

The White House just imposed sanctions against the Kalashnikov Concern, the Russian company responsible for producing many of the AK-47 rifles sold to civilians here in the United States.

Is what is going on in the Ukraine horrible and deplorable? Of course it is. But these new sanctions aren’t about defending the Ukrainian government… these new measures are designed to take away Americans’ access to Russian firearms and, soon, Russian ammunition!

Now I know what you are saying: “what does it matter?” It matters because this is a large segment of the firearms market that has now been cut off to law-abiding American gun owners!

The Obama administration has officially banned the importation of Russian-made Saiga rifles, known as some of the highest quality Kalashnikov rifles available to American civilians. Access to World War II relics like the Mosin Nagant is now in question, as these new sanctions will also likely apply to Molot, a company responsible for refurbishing and selling old antique weapons. Good luck finding cheap ammunition because many of the Russian ammunition factories also could fall under these sanctions as well!

With the stroke of a pen, these firearms can no longer be imported for Americans to purchase. Next, the White House will completely ban the importation of Russian ammunition (something that has already happened once this year), and then Americans will see their access to these weapons and munitions evaporate!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s attack against the Second Amendment and backdoor ban on importing Russian weapons and ammunition!

Sure, there are plenty of American firearms that can still be bought and sold. Many people reading this will probably ask, “why do you need a Russian firearm?”

To that I would respond that the Second Amendment exists within the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs.

The need is irrelevant. Millions of Americans enjoy shooting these types of firearms and if you own an AK-47 or one of the variants, you know that it is next to impossible to procure domestic ammunition for it. And if you do find it, you’ll be paying double or even triple the price of the Russian imported ammo.

The civilian firearm industry is a miniscule part of Kalashnikov Concern’s business model. We are talking about a company that provides the Russian military with heavy weapons and armored vehicles.

But these new sanctions aren’t aimed at crippling Russia’s weapons industry… they are designed to limit what firearms YOU can access!

We have seen this before. In the 1993, the Clinton Administration banned the importation of most Chinese firearms. Still today, two decades later, affordable Chinese weapons are prohibited from being imported. Once these types of firearm restrictions are in place, they are seldom, if ever, revoked.

Earlier this year, Obama’s ATF banned the importation of surplus ammunition used in the AK-74 rifle. This ammunition was cheap, plentiful, and allowed a lot of people to engage in the shooting sports who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to do so. But the ATF bended the law to ban the ammunition because some company in America decided to make a pistol chambered in that caliber. That put the ammunition under greater scrutiny and the ATF determined (wrongly) that it was steel-core and therefore armor piercing.

All of this is overly complicated, and I don’t want to bore you with all of the specifics. The fact remains that the Obama administration knows it can’t touch domestic firearms. Obama can’t stop you from going out and buying a gun made in America.

But what Obama can do is restrict your access to imported firearms and he is doing just that! This must be stopped!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s attack against the Second Amendment and backdoor ban on importing Russian weapons and ammunition!

Listen, I prefer to buy things that are Made in America whenever I get the chance. But there are literally thousands of people who, without access to these affordable imported weapons and ammunition, wouldn’t be able to afford to participate in the shooting sports.

The Democrats have been lobbying Obama for MONTHS to cut off the importation of AK-47 rifles into the United States! And now, under the auspices of “economic sanctions,” Obama has taken a huge step towards accomplishing just that!

This isn’t Obama’s end goal. No, Barack Hussein Obama won’t be satisfied until all firearm imports are restricted, if not banned entirely. And it won’t be us that suffer. It will be our children and their children who suffer the effects of these bans.

The Democrats are waging a war of attrition and they are in it for the long haul. You and I might be well-stocked to hold out during an import ban, but the goal isn’t to disarm us. Obama’s goal is to eliminate future generations’ access to these affordable weapons!

I am sick and tired of watching this President do everything in his power to circumvent the law and extend his authority to punish American citizens with new gun control!

I am sick of being forced to endure executive order after executive order that are designed to limit our Second Amendment rights!

This ends now! Obama’s assault on the Second Amendment ends TODAY!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s attack against the Second Amendment and backdoor ban on importing Russian weapons and ammunition!

Your brother-in-arms,

Joe Otto



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