The United Nations has already interfered in our elections, they are working to end our Second Amendment rights with their Small Arms Treaty, and they are pressuring States to overturn laws legalizing marijuana. In short, U.N. bureaucrats are very much a part of our country and the way it is being run. For years, they have been working to implement harsh socioeconomic controls over the United States, and these controls are being rolled out right now.  We must become aware of these controls and refuse to accept any plan that is attached to the U.N.’s Agenda 21 international program.

Fax Congress Now!

This is not conservative hype and it is not a conspiracy theory, as global warming alarmists would like for you to believe. Agenda 21 is alive and well in your community right now.

When Agenda 21 was adopted at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Secretary General Maurice Strong announced, “…current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class ‐ involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

Look very closely at activities going on in your region right now. If you see any programs labeled as following, recognize that they are part of Agenda 21, a U.N. program that has been in existence since 1992:

  • Millennium Goals
  • Sustainable Development, Sustainable Communities. Sustainable Growth, Sustainable Climates
  • Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Smart Growth
  • Livable Communities, Livable Cities
  • Resilient Cities
  • Greenhouse Gas Prevention, Going Green
  • Green [whatever]
  • Biodiversity
  • [Something Something] Climate Change
  • Communitarianism
  • Responsible Planning, Responsible Redevelopment
  • Effective Environmental Protection
  • Rio Accords
  • New World Order, Global Governance

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The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) "Population Matters for Sustainable Development" June 2012 report bemoans the fact that, “Human activity has already affected every country, every species and every eco-system of the planet. We have even altered the world's climate.” In fact, Sir David Attenborough, a patron of Population Matters, recently proclaimed that, “Humans are a plague on the Earth.”

The report believes a main focus of the program should be to educate youth about environmental concerns, and urges participants to begin “in the earliest childhood.” That means they are coming for our children. You may have already seen Agenda 21 propaganda come home from your child’s school in the form of a “lesson.”

The United Nations believes there will be no social justice until people in every part of the world have access to wealth redistribution, mostly courtesy of the United States. That means your prosperity is going to have to be limited and redistributed. And youth must be educated.

Enter Agenda 21 and its goals of  “sustainability,” and you will soon find that everything about how you live, eat and work will change. It includes:

  • High-density housing scams
  • Traffic congestion
  • Open space where access is not allowed
  • Government “partnering” with favored private businesses and non-profit agencies, using your tax money
  • Managed control over your life
  • Mismanagement of public utilities
  • Prohibitions on natural resource management leading to increased fire hazards, lack of water, and private property restrictions,
  • Increased taxes, fees, regulations and restrictions

Fax Congress Now!

Anti-Agenda 21 activist Rosa Koire warns, “It is a regional plan that creates unelected boards of elected officials who are engaged in erasing the boundaries between cities, counties, and states. There are thousands of these plans and they all have a goal of transformation–a jargon term for destruction.”

Our freedom is not for sale to the U.N. Get to the bottom of this now and kicks the U.N. out of America. Fax Congress and insist they defend our personal property rights and freedom! Congress needs to help us work at the state and federal level to block regulations meant to stifle and control American citizens and our way of life.

Fax Congress Now!

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