WARNING: The second term of Barack Hussein Obama has officially begun!

Americans are bracing themselves for more government intrusion by the federal government, especially in the area of gun control. However, a question has arisen, “What would happen if President Obama wanted a gun permit?”

But an even more sinister plot thickens as we realize this one fact: Barack Obama could NOT pass a gun background check, or a background check for a job, for that matter! About ONE-HALF of all Americans still have lingering questions about whether President Obama was born in the United States or not. That’s right, approximately one-half of United States citizens are not sure if President Obama is “legally” president!!

The inauguration that we just witnessed seems like a complete “shame” to many Americans. Yet, he smiled as he took the oath of office to be president for the second term. But what are the real facts? Will Americans ever get a chance to get the real facts? I doubt it. There must be a call upon Congress to initiate an independent investigation to settle this nagging question, once, and for all! Will you fax Congress to get real answers?


You ask, “But didn’t he produce a copy of his birth certificate in 2011?”

Yes and No! The White House did release a supposed “birth document” that many, many experts say is completely fraudulent and false. What, how can that be in our great country? Impossible? No, probable!


Just for a moment, let’s forget all the legal and investigation details, let’s go directly to “the source”—President Obama’s own grandmother has said in the past that Barack Hussein Obama was born in KENYA! Yes, his own grandmother!! What could be more conclusive than that? Of course she has been “silenced” since divulging that damaging information!

Barry Sotero, aka Barack Obama, with his grandparents at Columbia University in New York City.

Barack Obama was adopted by his step-father “Sotero” and graduated from Punaho High School in Hawaii as Barry Sotero.  He entered Occidental College in California as Barry Sotero.  I want to know—you want to know—Congress needs to find out…when did he legally change his name to Barack Obama?  AND WHY??!!

Yet, the liberal media continues to turn their heads or even worse, call people or organizations, such as Conservative-Daily, who merely raise questions as to the validity of his background: “extremist,” “conspiratorial,” or even “racial.”

He simply could not even pass an E-Verify test. Let’s inspect his social security numbers. The first three numbers of his Social Security identification card are earmarked for card applications with Connecticut addresses. Reports say that the number was issued somewhere between 1977 and 1979. However, his first job was at a Baskin-Robbins in Hawaii in 1975.

When one is president, they wield great powers, even to literally SEAL documents. The following documents REGARDING President Obama have been SEALED:

1. Passport file

2. Occidental College records

3. Harvard University records

4. Harvard Law Review articles

5. College thesis

6. Indonesian adoption records

Americans simply want the truth so they can “move on” in this second term. Is that too much to ask of the United States Congress that represents YOUR wishes?


Other questions remain on other important Barack Obama documents that remain “UNAVAILABLE:”

· Illinois State Bar Association evidences

· Medical records (Every president in recent memory has produced those!)

· Illinois legislature papers

· Baptism verifications

On and on, the questions continue to linger. You would think that two of his memoir books would clear up questions and eliminate any doubt. NO, many of the so-called “facts” are extremely suspect, questionable, and some witnesses have even labeled some of the writing as outright “lies.” But lying has almost become “second nature” to this administration.


President Obama seemingly says: “Your questions are anti-American!”

Let’s put all the questions to rest, so you can be successful in your second term?

We want answers, and we want them now!

Will you help us get to the bottom of this? Not as a “conspiracy theorist,” but as a patriotic American who sincerely values the United States Constitution.


Tony Adkins

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P. S. Please help us to urge Congress to start an independent investigation to put this question to rest, for once and for all!


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