Veteran’s Day has come and gone, but we will not forget the sacrifices of the brave so that we may live in freedom. Now, more than ever, the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces need our support, because they are being left behind by their “Commander-in-Chief,” Barack Hussein Obama.


Obama’s bungling of this terrible tragedy just keeps getting bigger. First, he left Americans in harm’s way and told help to “stand down.” He fired a General and an Admiral involved with the rescue. Then, he lied to the American people about the motive for the attack. And now, General Petraeus is caught up in a sex scandal that the White House claims they knew nothing about prior to the election…conveniently…but really, is this believable? And, as Charles Krauthammer suggested, was Obama holding this problem over Petraeus’ head in exchange for “good” testimony on the Benghazi attack?


Three days after Benghazi, 15 members of the Taliban dressed as American soldiers and infiltrated Camp Bastion, the main British military base in Afghanistan. Two Americans were killed and we suffered what Michelle Malkin calls “the most devastating loss of U.S. airpower since Vietnam. Six Harrier jets were destroyed; three refueling stations were wiped out; six hangars were damaged.” The families of those who were under siege want answers as to how this was allowed to happen, but none have arrived. Donella Raible, widow of Lt. Col. Raible who was killed at Camp Bastion says, I couldn’t sleep at night if I were (Obama). If they’re happy with things in Afghanistan, they should come look at the faces of those left behind.”


The Budget Control Act will go into effect in January, slashing $500 billion from the defense budget. Defense is only 11 percent of total spending, but will endure 43 percent of cuts; entitlements, on the other hand, continue to grow as the “gimme” generation of Obama supporters grows larger. And in the last three months, Obama has posted almost 6,000 new regulations, including plans to cut fighter jets and cargo planes.


No military vote? No problem! In 2008, more than 17,000 military and overseas voters didn’t have their votes counted because they arrived after the deadline and were rejected. The Obama administration has had four years to remedy the problem, but of course, they didn’t. Under the MOVE Act, the Federal Voter Assistance Program is supposed to help service members vote on military installations; but a few months ago it was revealed that at least half of those assistance offices had been set up. The number of military votes dropped drastically this election, even after problems were detected in 2008 and 2010.

The Obama administration, who finds enough money for Solyndra and wealth redistribution, and who trots out Sandra Fluke on the campaign trail to rally for free birth control, claims there just isn’t enough money to take care of the problem.


Some parents and spouses of those killed in battle have spoken out recently about receiving impersonal form letters from President Obama expressing “condolences.” It seems that a President, however busy he may be with tee times and appearances on talk shows, could spend a few minutes honoring a soldier who has given their life for our country. But of course, if you aren’t impressed with our military in the first place or their important role in the world, honoring the fallen won’t mean much to you.

And that, of course, is the problem we are experiencing with Obama. The military is just not important to him and through his actions, he is telling our men and women in uniform to “stand down.” That is why Conservative Daily asks you to stand UP for those who serve so honorably.

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Tony Adkins
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