Click HERE to Fax Congress and Demand the Preservation of the Filibuster and the Destruction of President Obama’s Illegal Cadre of Secret Police

Before the confetti stopped falling, they had a plan.  Before Election Day, they had a plan. Before the first vote was cast, they had a plan.  Liberals have been preparing for the next four years for the last four years.  After winning on Election Day, the Democratic Party immediately began implementing their plan to eliminate political enemies and dissenters; they seek the removal of Constitutional protections and are creating a secret police force to enforce Obama’s Socialist principles by force.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, the American people reelected President Obama to a second term in the Oval Office and allowed the Democratic Party to keep control of the US Senate.  Immediately, these liberal power mongers began plotting to exorcise conservative values from the American political system.  Like any authoritarian regime, after they took power they immediately began consolidating their base and began eliminating their enemies.  In fact, what the Democrats are doing right now is quite similar as to what North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un did when he took power.

Click HERE to Fax Congress and Demand the Preservation of the Filibuster and the Destruction of President Obama’s Illegal Cadre of Secret Police

So here is what went down: immediately upon learning that he was able to keep his position as Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) began plotting to make changes to our Constitution that would destroy the procedural protections and give Senate Democrats legislative carte blanche.

A filibuster is a legislative tool in the United States Senate.  It is a time-tested shield that has protected Americans from bad legislation and created compromise in our legislature.  A filibuster is a procedural strategy that continues the debate on a certain subject until “cloture”.  There can be no vote until cloture is passed.  Cloture ends debate and allows legislation to proceed to a vote.  But cloture requires a super majority of 60 votes.  It is a very high hurdle and generally, the opposing party does not have the votes to end a filibuster.  Since there will be no vote, the legislation is taken back to the drawing board where both sides compromise until a version of the bill is created that is palatable for both sides of the aisle.

Filibusters prevent the majority from receiving a legislative blank check; it requires that the majority still include the minority in legislation creation. It has been called the “Soul of the Senate” and protects the American people from the tyranny of the majority.

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In fact, the idea of the filibuster is so American that it was the centerpiece for the cinematic masterpiece “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” starring Jimmy Stewart. The film is widely regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time.  Now Sen. Harry Reid wants to destroy this beneficial tool so that he can ram legislation through the Senate and down our throats.

But that’s not all.  Just hours after his successful reelection, President Obama unveiled the first part of his 2nd Term initiative to undermine freedom in the United States and take over permanent control of the White House before the end of his term.  President Obama is the 44th democratically elected President of these United States and he is attempting to be the last.

Before the President could make thank you calls to all of his donors, Obama announced that he would be expanding his cadre of secret police into state law enforcement.  That’s right, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and it’s subordinate agency, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) will now be in towns all across America, unconstitutionally monitoring American citizens and creating an organized army of armed personnel who, like Hitler’s Brown Shirts or Lenin’s Bolsheviks, will be tasked with silently purging dissenters and setting up Obama as Dictator-in-Chief.

Click HERE to Fax Congress and Demand the Preservation of the Filibuster and the Destruction of President Obama’s Illegal Cadre of Secret Police

This is no longer an esoteric exercise in American civics.  This is not a “what if” theory; this is happening.  It is happening right now.  The secret police will be in your neighborhoods soon.  The order is signed.  Armed drones are already policing the skies under the control of DHS and TSA.  This is as bad as it gets.

What are you going to do?

Are you going to let them take your rights and Constitution?  Are you going sit idly by and let their secret police soldiers silence possible dissenters?  Are you going to let them silence your neighbors?  Your friends? Or maybe even you or your family?

Again, what are YOU going to do?

When the history books discuss the fall of the American dream what are you going to tell your children and grandchildren?  How are you going to explain that your generation let centuries of prosperity slip away because you were too lazy to stand up for your rights?  They will look you in the eye and know their pain is your fault. And you will see it as they work 18-hour days just to pay off our debt to China all the while their speech silenced by Obama’s secret police.  Yes, he will still be in charge.

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Time is short.  We can still act within the confines of the United States Constitution.  We can halt the current Marxist regime before they truly consolidate power.  We must tell Congress to act.  We must alert our lawmakers to the danger that exists.  There are likely a lot of Democrats who see the writing on the wall and wish to preserve democracy for their own children.  WE have allies.  We have leaders.  We need soldiers.  We need you.

Fax Congress today.  Make them listen.  Our voice and the vestiges of a once shining democratic political system are the only things standing between President Obama and his dream of dissolving Congress and ruling as supreme leader.  Sen. Harry Reid is trying to help him.  We must alert potential allies.  Fax Congress today.

Click HERE to Fax Congress and Demand the Preservation of the Filibuster and the Destruction of President Obama’s Illegal Cadre of Secret Police


Tony Adkins


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