On September 11, 2012, at approximately 9:40pm, shots were heard outside the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. An urgent request was made for military backup—but the CIA chain of command told operators to “stand down” and not help Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team.

Now, Stevens and three other Americans are dead. For hours, they fought off the attacks and begged for help. But, President Obama didn’t send anyone. He made the decision to abandon them.

Barack Obama has gone too far with his lies and deceit. The time has come for an immediate investigation—yes, immediately, before the election—and an impeachment.

Fax Congress Now!

We have emails proving that Obama knew that the events in Libya were terror based. We also have a CBS video that shows President Obama admitting that the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.  And Fox News has learned from actual sources on the ground at the time of the attack that requests for help were denied, despite the fact that the White House and other high-ranking intelligence agencies in Washington had access to real-time surveillance of the terror via military drones.

American citizens were being attacked right in front of our President’s face and he did absolutely nothing about it!

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But with Obama, there is always an opportunity for media attention. So he knowingly went on television and lied to the American people about the attack while savages carried our ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, through the streets of Benghazi as a terrorist trophy.

This is an impeachable offense.  We must demand action from Congress.  The President has lied to the American people and ignored laws over and over and over and over just to preserve his reelection chances.  Now, four families are mourning the loss of their brave loved ones who weren’t important enough to the President of the United States to save. We need a President who cares about the well being of the citizens of the United States and will protect us from any threat, foreign or domestic.  Contact Congress and demand the immediate investigation and impeachment of President Obama.

Fax Congress Now!

In the aftermath of the attack, President Obama publicly stated that the impetus behind the violence was civilians protesting a film depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed.  He knew this wasn’t the truth. The administration knew that Al-Qaeda had orchestrated the attack.  But President Barack Hussein Obama decided to lie to the American people so that he might not lose face during his bid for reelection.  Americans were murdered and Obama was worried about keeping his job.  GOP leaders are demanding a Congressional investigation, and Democrats are nodding their heads and going along with it—but they are saying it must take place later in November, which is code for “after the election.”

No. This investigation and what will surely be an ultimate impeachment must take place immediately. Barack Obama has played enough politics. Four dead American citizens gave their lives for this country; we must not allow Obama to posthumously disrespect these patriots for his own selfish goals.

Unbelievably, the evidence against Obama STILL gets worse.  There are reports saying that there was actionable intelligence more than a week before the tragic events transpired.  In fact, the week before the terrorist attack, Obama didn’t bother to attend a single intelligence briefing, despite actionable intelligence warning of a possible active terror cell in Libya ready to strike American interests. 

And, Obama did NOTHING.  He allowed Americans to die so that he could save his job.  His Presidency will forever be marred with the blood of American martyrs.  We must respect their memories and demand the impeachment of President Obama; the President must stand trial and be sent to prison for his latest un-American activities!

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President Obama’s lies have brought great dishonor and shame to our country in the process.  Lives have been lost, lies told, and injustice has been served.  It is time Congress put the President on trial and makes him answer for his many crimes and lies.  Further, we are demand that Congress look into criminal charges against any parties in the Executive branch that may have broken the law to cover up a terrorist attack.  We hope that you will stand with us.  Our fallen patriots deserve better and we hope you will add your voice to ours so that their sacrifice won’t be made in vain.  Fax Congress today.  Demand impeachment.  Then fax Congress again.  We won’t stop until Obama is behind bars for his crimes against the American people and against the members of our brave embassy staff who posthumously cry out for justice.  They gave their lives.  We can give them the honor the President denied them by his lies.  Fax Congress and demand the impeachment of the President IMMEDIATELY.

Fax Congress Now!


Tony Adkins
Conservative Daily


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