He can’t win if he runs on the economy. He can’t win on “hope and change.” He is no longer the shiny, exciting, youthful Senator from Illinois able to blame George W. Bush. Now, he’s just a failed one-term President desperately trying to keep his job.

Obama is going to have to lie, cheat and steal in order to win the election. And that is exactly what he is doing.

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The Hatch Act prohibits federal civil service employees in the Executive Branch—meaning, the President, his Cabinet and his appointees—from participating in campaign activities, intimidating, or bribing voters.

Yet Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius violated that law in February when she attended a taxpayer-funded campaign event in North Carolina and publicly endorsed Barack Obama for re-election.

And then last week, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar went to a campaign event in Colorado and endorsed Obama.

There have been no consequences for Sebelius, or Salazar.

Fax Congress Now!

The Hatch Act is the main piece of the 1939 Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, which prohibits federal employees from being involved or holding membership in any organization that advocates the overthrow of the constitutional form of government. Which, sadly for Obama, means many of his socialist appointees are in danger of losing a job, if Obama cared anything about the rule of law, of course.

If you violate the Hatch Act, you are supposed to be fired … immediately. But surprisingly, Sebelius has kept her job. A group of Republicans pointed out her illegal behavior to the Obama administration, but nothing was done. Sebelius is still Secretary of HHS and she is still under investigation for the “Senior Swindle,” a plan to hide the effects of Medicare Advantage cuts due to Obamacare until after the election.

Obama’s team also came up with a plan to ignore the WARN Act, telling employers to hold off on firing thousands of workers until after the election…and he even promised taxpayer money to them for their trouble. Smoke and mirrors is the only way Obama can win. It worked in 2008, so naturally they will try it again.

Fax Congress Now!

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There is also a big problem with Obama’s campaign funds. Apparently it’s not enough for Barbra Streisand and George Clooney to send you big sums of money and fete you at fundraisers in the Hollywood Hills—Obama is also taking illegal foreign donations.

The Government Accountability Institute is about to release a report showing that Obama’s campaign has collected $2,199,204.38 in electronic donations from non-existent zip codes.

The campaign is ignoring the zip code that credit card users give in order to verify identity—throwing caution (and laws) to the wind, Obama is taking money from wherever he can get it.

Including from foreign donations. The website Obama.com receives almost half of its traffic from foreign IP addresses.  British citizen Chris Walker donated $5 twice to Obama’s campaign. He used his actual street address in England, but entered Arkansas as his state and used the Schenectady, New York zip code of 12345.

His donations went through to President Obama. The Romney campaign site rejected them because the zip codes didn’t match.

GAI President Schweizer says, “The presence of large sums of donations without such basic address information suggests that some campaigns are using looser security settings than others. For a campaign that is very sophisticated in its fund-raising capabilities, they do not make one effort to try to even see or ask somebody to check a box that says they are a US citizen.”

The Obama campaign’s response is that this is “a minor technical error.”

Fax Congress Now!

This administration is not only shady; it is arrogant and guilty of illegal behavior. He lies about deaths in Libya; he lies at the debates. Obama is ignoring our laws and arrogantly thumbing his nose at our Constitution. And, whenever he and his campaign are caught red-handed, they lie and divert attention from the truth.

Get out and vote and make sure your friends and neighbors do, as well. Obama and his team are scrambling to lie, cheat and steal another four years. Americans can’t afford another Obama term. We cannot reach 2016 with Obama in office.

Fax Congress and tell them to investigate the Obama campaign’s FEC abuses. America doesn’t need an illegitimate, illegally elected President who ignores the rule of law.

Fax Congress Now!

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Tony Adkins
Conservative Daily


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