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It is time for Congress to take action and contract the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  DHS is a complete failure and Congress must step in and cut the fat.  The cost of this megalithic bureaucracy balloons out of control, it is incapable to properly administering the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), and DHS’ immolation of our civil rights are just a few of the reasons why we must demand that our Congressmen get off their butts and make a change.

DHS is a cabinet level agency in the Federal government.  DHS was originally formed in response to the terrorist attacks on United States’ interests on September 11, 2001.  The current DHS Secretary is Janet Napolitano an appointee of President Obama.  This year DHS will have a budget north of $60 billion.

TSA is a subsidiary of DHS.  The Bush Administration created TSA in 2001.  From the start the agency has been accused of violating individual rights in the United States.

Today, TSA is administered by John Pistole, another Obama appointee and has a budget of over $8 billion.  It costs over $8 BILLION to keep an eye on some luggage in a few dozen airports nationwide?  Something is very wrong.  It is time for Congress to step in.

DHS has been criticized for years over their ineffectiveness, their lack of transparency, their stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and their disregard for civil liberties of United States citizens.  Recently, DHS has come under fire from Congress for their latest failure: fusion centers.

These fusion centers were supposed to streamline anti-terrorist activities on the Federal and state level.  They were supposed to put Federal and state officials in the same room in an effort to expand and integrate intelligence data to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil.  

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What did these fusion centers actually do?  The Congressional report states “The … investigation could identify no reporting which uncovered a terrorist threat, nor could it identify a contribution such fusion center reporting made to disrupt an active terrorist plot”.

The investigation further found that “DHS’s support of fusion centers has yielded little, if any, benefit to federal counterterrorism intelligence efforts… The fusion centers often produced irrelevant, useless or inappropriate intelligence reporting to DHS, and many produced no intelligence reporting whatsoever,”

The report went on to say “Many fusion centers lacked either the capability or stated objective of contributing meaningfully to the federal counterterrorism mission…many centers didn’t consider counterterrorism an explicit part of their mission, and federal officials said some were simply not concerned with doing counterterrorism work.”  So we have fusion centers charged with promoting counterterrorism and yet they aren’t concerned with counterterrorism!  Get mad because the Federal government is wasting our tax dollars.  Congress knows about it; it is time we demand action!

Click HERE to fax Congress and demand the contraction of the Department of Homeland Security

This isn’t the first time DHS has been criticized for violating the Constitution and ignoring civil liberties in the United States.  It has recently been discovered that DHS is stockpiling hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition; these are bullets that can only be used against American citizens, they cannot be used in any international conflict.  DHS has also started using drones to collect information on American citizens; just like the drones the military uses in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Further, there is evidence that the data collection process used by DHS is unconstitutional and is an abridgement of the Constitution of the United States.  DHS has even demanded the right to censor the Internet.  Unbelievable!  Congress must do something; we have to send our lawmakers a message!

The failures get worse!  As stated earlier, DHS is charged with administering TSA.  TSA is tasked with keeping air transportation safe in the United States.  At the end of the day they are nothing more than a glorified suburban community watch group that somehow conned Congress into giving them an annual budge of over $8 billion.  The 4th Amendment protects Americans from “unreasonable search and seizures”, yet everyday millions of Americans are REQUIRED to waive their constitutional rights in order to board commercial aircraft.  In the United States, a policeman cannot stop someone and search him or her absent probable cause.  Why must the government require us ALL to be treated like criminals when there is a much better alternative?

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The TSA is notorious for groping and functionally molesting children and the elderly.   There are countless stories of disabled children being groped and invasively touched by these Storm Troopers while the elderly are stripped searched so that the TSA can have a look at their colostomy bags.  A trip to the airport seems more like an episode out of “To Catch a Predator with Chris Hanson”, except Chris Hanson isn’t there to save these folks.

Just last week, TSA thugs accosted a leukemia patient traveling to Hawaii for her “end of life” trip.  I hope you are not squeamish because these facts will absolutely sicken you and convince you fax Congress.  The patient was a woman flying from Seattle to Hawaii.  She is a terminal leukemia patient and travels with large amounts of prescription drugs, feeding tubes, and medical machinery.

The patient requested the screening process be conducted in a private because of her medical condition.  The TSA screener DENIED her request and began publicly embarrassing her and violating her civil liberties.  The TSA screener made the LEUKEMIA PATIENT RAISE HER SHIRT IN PUBLIC SO THAT THE SCREENER COULD REMOVE BANDAGES AND INSPECT HER FEEDING TUBES.

Think about that for a moment.   Ready to fax Congress yet?

Click HERE to fax Congress and demand the contraction of the Department of Homeland Security

The TSA screener then ripped into a bag of saline that the patient requires for her cancer treatment and contaminated the liquid inside.  This must stop.  Is this the America that you grew up loving?  Does this feel more like an America under Soviet rule?  We must demand that Congress make a change.  We are not Soviet Russia and it is time we stop acting like it.

It is time we put tell Congress to put an end to DHS and TSA as currently constituted.  They are a failure of mammoth proportions.  We must contract DHS and privatize TSA.  Stand up for the children, elderly, and the infirm.  Fax Congress and demand the immediate contraction of DHS.  We need your voice today!!

Click HERE to fax Congress and demand the contraction of the Department of Homeland Security


Tony Adkins


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