“We haven’t passed a budget in more than three years and not a single appropriations bill has been brought to the floor this year.”

-Sen. Bob Corker, (R-TN)

On October 1st, America’s fiscal year ended again with no budget, because Congress refuses to act. And now, they are off on recess, focusing on the campaign, which is one of the main reasons they did not pass a budget in the first place. After all, why lead when there is an election on the line?

If your boss gave you an important task to do and you refused to do it, how long do you think you would be able to keep your job? But, our representatives don’t get punished for their unwillingness to act: we vote them in for another turn.

Fax Congress & Demand a Budget!

Congress is legally required to work on a budget resolution each year, but for three years now, almost the full length of Obama’s term; Congress has kicked the can down the road and played the blame game with America’s economic future.

But to be honest, right now, we are just as much to blame as those in office, because we are allowing these lame ducks to remain in Congress and spend us into oblivion. At this point, our money would be safer with Bernie Madoff.

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There is no way you could run your household without a budget, or at least a slight knowledge of how much you bring in each month versus what your expenses are. The United States of America, however, has been run this way for years and Congress seems not to want to deal with it. It must be pretty easy to do when you are dealing with other people’s money.

Getting “real” about our nation’s deficit is going to be painful, but people are going to have to sacrifice. We cannot expect that unemployment can keep skyrocketing, our economy can keep failing, and increasing numbers of people can go on the government’s payroll without consequences and sacrifice.

That is what happens in tough economic times: people make choices. They cut back. They get honest.

You eat out less often; take fewer vacations; you don’t buy new clothes; you cut out things that aren’t a priority. It’s just common sense; but it seems common sense, if it ever existed in Washington, has packed up and left town.

The most laughable part of all of this, if you want to find humor in a terrible situation, is that the Democrats complain it’s the Republicans holding them back from a budget deal. But last time we checked, the Democrats held a majority in the Senate. It is also pretty silly to see Obama on the campaign trail telling the American people with a straight face that things are going to be better if we re-elect him, and that he is going to do something about our economy. What has he been doing for the past four years besides playing golf and issuing executive orders? Why all of a sudden now has he decided its time to play President?

It would be great if we could vote some real leaders into office next month who are not afraid of setting a budget and strengthening America’s future, instead of watching it soar off a cliff, “Thelma and Louise” style.

Fax Congress & Demand a Budget!

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The Congressional Budget Office released a report in August warning that America is headed for a “deep recession” in 2013 if Congress does nothing before the end of the year. They say the country’s economic growth will shrink and unemployment will rise to over 9 percent.

It is time for politicians to stop preening for the cameras, glad-handing big donors and giving trite speeches at fundraisers. We didn’t vote them into office as celebrities; we put our trust in them and asked them to lead.

They are fiddling while America burns, and it is time to bring fiscal responsibility back to this nation and stand up for honor and integrity in government.

Tell Congress to get serious and pass a budget, or they may as well start packing their bags and heading home; there is no other choice.

Fax Congress now!

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Tony Adkins
Conservative Daily


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