Click HERE to demand that Congress block any United Nations attempt to tax the United States government or citizens 

Capitalism, sovereignty, democracy; if you had only three words with which to describe the United States’ system of governance, those might be the three most accurate.  Those three words not only describe our political system, they also highlight American cultural values.

These values are under attack and only Congress can put up an adequate defense.  The United Nations (UN) is making another push at globalization, this time attempting to tax sovereign nations in an attempt to redistribute the world’s wealth.  Such a tax would be blatantly unconstitutional unless Congress creates a loophole to allow such a global tax to be levied against American citizens.  We must demand that every lawmaker in Congress vote against any measure that would allow the UN or any other foreign body from taxing United States citizens and interests.

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The UN is openly attempting to create some sort of global tax system and has no shortage of ideas on how it wants to tax the world’s governments and their citizens.  The UN wants to institute the following global taxes:

  • Put a 1% tax on billionaires, a tax on currency trading (including the dollar, euro, and yen)
  • A tax on all financial transactions (including stock trading)
  • A tax on carbon emissions
  • A tax on airline tickets
  • A tax on certain mineral resources

We have to demand that Congress block any UN attempt to tax the United States.  We know we can’t count on President Barack Obama.  As a Senator, Obama sponsored legislation allowing the UN to tax the United States.  Further, his advisors have pushed for a “global minimum tax” sponsored by the UN as recently as this past February.

Click HERE to demand that Congress block any United Nations attempt to tax the United States government or citizens

It should be noted that the Constitution exclusively gives Congress the power of the purse.  In fact, all spending and taxing bills MUST originate in the House of Representatives.  Therefore, any tax on US citizens or interests is per se unconstitutional.  Further, Congress must ratify any treaty with the UN.  Therefore, Congress is the only body that can truly protect Americans from a foreign body reaching into their wallets.

Capitalism used to be the hallmark of the United States’ economic system and the United States economy was the crown jewel of world economies.   The world knew our capitalist based system was second to none.  This was proven during the cold war.  Socialism failed and capitalism allowed the US to become the only world super power.  

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The UN is attempting to use global taxes to redistribute the world’s wealth; it is an attempt to institute WORLDWIDE SOCIALISM that will steal wealth away from the United States.  Do you think the US should participate in a socialist-based global pyramid scheme?  Can you afford to pay UN taxes?  Do you think Americans should sit idly by and allow the UN to steal our country’s wealth during a time of economic distress?  Fax Congress and tell them that you will never support any UN sponsored global tax!

Click HERE to demand that Congress block any United Nations attempt to tax the United States government or citizens

Americans have always been staunchly sovereign and independent.  Our great nation was born out of a document called the “Declaration of Independence” and was galvanized in our “War for Independence”.  Our calling card is national sovereignty; we are the leader of the world and we don’t allow any other government to dictate laws to American citizens.  The UN is testing our mettle.

If Congress allows the UN to tax Americans, it will mean the destruction of US sovereignty.  We will work for a foreign power.  We will be on our knees against a global socialist dictatorship. We must demand that Congress stand their ground and not allow our sovereignty to be compromised!

Finally, the United States is probably best described by the word “democracy”.  We are the world’s biggest exporter of democratic principles and we are proud of our democratic process.  For more than 200 years we have protected our democracy and our citizens have the rare luxury of choosing their lawmakers.  This push of a global tax is an attack on these democratic principles.

Americans allow themselves to be taxed by the government because we choose our legislators and leaders.  Taxation without representation is anathematic to our political system.  It was the battle cry of our American Revolution.  It was the reason the colonies revolted against the British monarchy.  Allowing a foreign body to tax American citizens would be taxation without representation.  Did you get to vote for the UN Secretary General?  Can you vote on UN governance and demand changes in the UN Charter?  Can you vote for your representative to the UN?

The answer to all of those questions is “no”.  Therefore, allowing American citizens to be taxed by a foreign body is undemocratic and therefore un-American.  Congress must not sell out our Constitutional rights!  We must fax Congress today and demand they protect our constitutional rights and preserve our democratic principles.  The UN and President Obama are attempting to herd us into a global socialist governing system.  We must demand that Congress stand up for our interests.  Fax Congress today and tell them that you will never allow a foreign entity to levy taxes against American citizens.

Click HERE to demand that Congress block any United Nations attempt to tax the United States government or citizens


Tony Adkins


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