Our Constitution is being thrown into the trash bin of history.

We are losing our government. The ideals of our Founding Fathers and everything that makes America, well… America.

It is because in 2008 half the country got caught up in “hope and change” propaganda and now we are witnessing Barack Obama’s consistent and systematic destruction of our country.

This message is concerning his latest bypass of Congress—his cybersecurity Executive Order that will put private internet systems and data under the regulation of the Department of Homeland Security—but the most urgent call to action is not just this issue, it is an overall call to Congress to do their jobs and protect our Constitution.

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Obama has repeatedly used his executive power to go around Congress and force his agenda.

His cybersecurity order is being drafted as you read this, and Janet Napolitano says it is “close” to completion.

Reportedly, Obama’s EO looks a lot like the legislation that Joe Lieberman tried to get through the Senate. It failed, because even the Democratic-heavy Senate recognized that this was an unnecessary attempt at putting more government regulations on businesses and also, its provisions threatened the security of our private data.

Obama’s Cybersecurity EO means the government will become the master regulator of every activity you participate in online—whether it’s banking, shopping, playing games, engaging in social media, or posting on a blog—because if they deem what you are doing a “threat” or a “cybersecurity emergency,” they can have the DHS shut you down.

This is simply another power grab, another attack on our free market system.

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The White House claims there are no “carrots and sticks” in this EO that will compel businesses to apply—but this is the same administration that insisted that insurance rates would go down under Obamacare, when in fact, they have gone up.

Can you really believe anything they say at this point?

So, if there is no reason to comply, why write an EO? And, if there is nothing to be worried about, why craft it in secret?

Fax Congress Now!

Obama’s cybersecurity order:

1-    Asks industry to “voluntarily” submit cybersecurity threat information to the government…(again, if it is voluntary, give a press conference and ask nicely; don’t create an Executive Order).

2-    Claims the data won’t be used for regulatory purposes (but, the entire purpose of this EO is to increase regulations) or against companies (even though the Obama administration has a history of auditing and harassing those who don’t agree with them).

3-    Requires the Department of Homeland Security to do privacy assessments on the data they collect…this is not comforting, considering the fact that our government has more leak holes in it than Swiss cheese.

4-    Assures us that First Amendment protections will apply to how the government identifies critical infrastructure…so long as this administration, with their disdain for the Constitution, doesn’t re-write or re-interpret the definition of the First Amendment, of course.

5-    Tampers with the free market by leaning on companies to do certain things and purchase specific technology demanded by the government, so companies are in compliance with these “voluntary” things requested by the DHS.

6-    Calls for a report discussing possible “incentives” and recognition by the government. Again, what will happen to those companies who “voluntarily” participated but weren’t deemed worthy of coronation by the Obama administration? What happens to those companies who refuse to participate?

And, what will happen to the Internet, the security of our systems, and our First Amendment once Barack Obama shoves Big Sis into the technological realm?

Fax Congress Now!

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Even if you are not particularly concerned about the cybersecurity issue, you need to get involved in telling Congress they need to do their jobs and defend our system of government—because if they do not, we will kick them out.

If you do not let Congress know that they are responsible for reining in the power grabs of this President, you are saying through your inaction that you do not care who is minding the store or what they do. And the next time this President, or any President goes around our system of checks and balances, it may very well be on an issue that affects you more personally.

The United States of America cannot continue to exist with someone in the White House who willfully and arrogantly shreds the foundations of this nation every day, with every action.

Private companies are already regulated and are more than capable of handling security. Why does President Obama feel the need to have these companies fall under the control of the Department of Homeland Security, the Commerce Department, the Treasury, Energy, and even intelligence agencies?

The answer is, of course, because he wants everything under the umbrella of the state and he is working to gain full control over the American people.

And he’s going to keep banging the drum of “emergency” to try and push through his agenda.

The only emergency we have is a man living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. who is intent on molding America into a fascist police state that voids our Constitution.

Fax Congress Now!

Obama went into office with a socialist vision and an army of like-minded individuals behind him, ready to do his bidding. For nearly four years, we have seen him thumb his nose at Congress and ignore the checks and balances of power that our republic has in place.

And Congress, skittish from Tea Party influence and a 2010 election that rejected Obamacare, has been hesitant to act, fearing for their jobs.

It’s time to wake them up and let them know we will not allow them to coast by on their incumbent status.

Fax Congress Now!

The 2012 Democratic National Platform states that, “going forward, the President will continue to take executive action to strengthen and update our cyber defenses.”

But, this kind of legislation will likely be ineffective. The Heritage Foundation warns that, “new” cybersecurity regulations created as the result of legislation or an executive order are a poor policy choice because they cannot keep up with the dynamic cyber realm. By the time cybersecurity regulations are written, the power of computers will have doubled or even quadrupled, rendering the regulations obsolete.

Once the government will has access to your information, they can do anything they want with it; and Obama can simply continue to pass Executive Orders that make up new regulations and new protocols for the control they already possess.

Another very real concern is that Democrats in Congress wanted to amend the cybersecurity bill to include anti-gun provisions; we do not know yet if Obama included any such language in his EO…but if he wants to, he can.

Because apparently he feels he was elected Dictator of the United States, and he will impose his agenda in any way possible, basically ignoring you and me and every person we elect to “represent” us.

What will he do next, without Congress?

We must lean on Congress to protect our system of government, and we must get Obama out of office in November. There is no more time; the election is in six weeks, and Obama is hell-bent on throwing the weight of his office around.

Tell Congress to start representing the People, and insist they defend our Constitution.

Fax Congress Now!


Tony Adkins
Conservative Daily


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