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The Obama Administration just can’t seem to stop breaking the law so that it may steal more money out of your pocket books and bank accounts.  In yet another shocking and illegal power grab, the President Obama’s FCC announced last month that it is seeking to tax the Internet!

You read that correctly, the FCC wishes to tax broadband Internet service and you, the consumer, are expected to flip the bill.  What’s more, such a tax is completely ILLEGAL; but that hasn’t deterred President Obama in the past.  In fact, most of what he does as President seems to skirt the Constitution and the rule of law.  This is just another example.  However this time, YOU will be the one paying for his dictatorial dalliance.

According to numerous reports, the FCC is seeking to tax consumers of broadband Internet service to fund a corporate welfare scheme called the “Connect America Fund”.  Ostensibly, this fund seeks to expand broadband Internet service to rural areas.

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What it really does is to create yet another Socialist wealth redistribution scheme that requires all consumers to pay for the expanded service even though they receive no direct benefit.  Further, it acts as corporate welfare scheme because Obama’s cronies in Silicon Valley will be the ones making the profit.  You, the taxpayer/consumer will be stuck holding the bill while the corporations and Obama Administration enjoy the spoils of their Marxist victory.

Just another day in Obama’s Socialist AmeriKa.

Click HERE to Fax Congress and demand that our Constitution be protected from Executive branch vultures

President Obama’s proposal to use the FCC to tax broadband Internet service is illegal for two reasons.  First and very broadly, it is illegal because ONLY Congress has the power of the purse.  According to Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution, all legislation seeking to raise revenue MUST originate in the House of Representatives.  The FCC should not be able to unilaterally raise taxes.  But again, since Obama took office in 2008, we have been living in a shell of a democracy; the rule of law is consistently ignored if it runs afoul of Obama’s Marxist agenda.

Secondly and more specifically, the bill is in DIRECT contravention with the 1998 “Internet Tax Freedom Act” that clearly bans the government from taxing Internet access.  Once again, Obama uses double speak and definitional vagueness to argue that the tax is simply a fee passed on from the government to consumers.  Again, how is that not a tax?

If this isn’t a wealth redistribution and/or corporate welfare scheme, then why are consumers the ones paying for this Socialist nonsense?

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But hold onto your hats, because it gets worse!  Since the FCC went public with their intention to create the tax, the public outcry against such a measure has been deafening.  But like every dishonest and cowardly liberal, FCC Chairman and Obama crony, Julius Genachowski, has put the blame on the Republicans for this fiasco.  Genachowski stated he only sought to implement the tax “following the urging of Republican Commissioners and members of Congress”.

First off, there is only ONE Republican Commissioner and FOUR Democratic Commissioners.   It is unclear, how one member can bully four others into creating such a proposal.   What’s more, the Republican Commissioner in question has publicly denounced the proposed tax and has stated that he does not believe Obama’s FCC has the legal right to create such a tax.

So an Obama crony lied; again.

Secondly, Genachowski has yet to be able to name even a SINGLE Congressional Republican who supposedly pushed for this new tax.  These Obama appointees sure do love to lie to the American people.  Evidently, dogma comes before democracy.

This Internet tax fiasco simply demonstrates the authoritarian nature of the Obama Presidency and his views on democracy.   What does Obama need with the truth when he can just lie to the American people and continue our march towards the Communist dystopia that he so covets?

Click HERE to Fax Congress and demand that our Constitution be protected from Executive branch vultures

We need Congress to step up for the American people.  We must demand that they enforce their own legislation; legislation that makes this FCC broadband Internet tax illegal!

Further, we must DEMAND, as taxpayers, that Congress uphold its role in our democracy as the sole body draped with the Constitutional authority to subject a tax on the American people.  What the FCC is trying to accomplish is CLEARLY illegal per the Constitution.  We must demand Congress institute hearings before this new and illegal tax is enacted.  Further, we must demand that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski be brought up on criminal charges if he attempts to illegally institute any such broadband tax, as he will be acting in complete derivation of the Constitution and Federal law.

It is time we got tough on Obama and his cronies!  We must no longer allow them to ignore the Constitution and rule of law.  It is time for Congress to stop playing the part of the victim and stand up against the Obama Administration’s Socialist and dictatorial governmental policies.  Like all bullies, Obama, the Socialist bully, will only respond to strength.

But we can’t expect our legislature to have strength and backbone if we, the American people, don’t display the same type of fortitude.  We need your voice backing up our lawmakers!  Congress is only as strong as the people it represents.  Stand up with us today!  No more Socialist policies!  No more ruling by fiat!  We must tell President Obama, his administration, and Congress that we will no longer allow our democracy to be subverted by the machinations of a Communist madman.

Click HERE to Fax Congress and demand that our Constitution be protected from Executive branch vultures


Tony Adkins


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