In the movie “Knight and Day,” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, Cruise’s character tells Diaz that government agents are going to contact her about him, and “they are going to use words like Stabilize, Secure, Safe. If they say these words, particularly with repetition, it means they are going to kill you.”

We have been warning you that the Democrats are coming for the Internet. But, according to Obama, it’s for your own safety and security. It’s to stabilize our country.

Yes, Obama is planning to kill the Internet, as we know it and American freedom in the process.

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President Obama has decided that because Congress has yet to come to a decision on cybersecurity legislation, he will take care of it through executive order.

The 2012 Democratic National Platform states that, “going forward, the President will continue to take executive action to strengthen and update our cyber defenses.”

The Democrats want private networks to be placed under the control of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). That means private enterprise will become a state-run behemoth, and your sensitive, personal information will be less secure and more prone to hackers.

And the government will have access to your information, of course, and they can do anything they want with it.

What will Obama’s EO say? Will he put all Internet activity under the DHS? Will he put crushing regulations on small businesses? Will he include new taxes, disguised as “fees?” Or, will he include gun control language, as Chuck Schumer (D-NY) suggested?

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Democrats in Congress wanted to amend the cybersecurity bill to include anti-gun provisions.

If President Obama wants to, he can include these anti-gun provisions in his Executive Order and limit our First and Second Amendment rights, all at the same time!

Fax Congress now!

Nobody is sure what Obama’s draft contains. Sources say few, if any, lawmakers have seen the executive order, because it’s being drafted in secret, just like most other administration dictates.

But some of it has leaked, and here is what we know. His cybersecurity order:

1-    Asks industry to “voluntarily” submit…(we have to ask, under threat of what?) cybersecurity threat information to the government, with the provision that the data won’t be used for regulatory purposes (sure) or against companies (even though the Obama administration has a history of auditing and harassing those who don’t agree with them).

2-    Requires the Department of Homeland Security to do privacy assessments on the data they collect…comforting, considering the fact that our government cannot keep anything private.

3-     Assures us that First Amendment protections will apply to how the government identifies critical infrastructure…so long as they don’t re-write or re-interpret the definition of the First Amendment, of course.

4-    Addresses acquisition and preferences (i.e., tampers with the free market by leaning on companies to do certain things and purchase specific technology demanded by the government), so companies can meet the standards set by the DHS.

5-    Calls for a report discussing possible “incentives” and recognition by the government. Again, what will happen to those companies who “voluntarily” participated but weren’t deemed worthy of coronation by the Obama administration? What happens to those companies who refuse to participate?

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) called it “Big Brother writ large.”

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) says the current language in play “will encourage the development of a cyber-security industry that profits from fear and whose currency is Americans private data.”

Congress is about to recess to focus on the elections, so they only have a short period of time in which to draft legislation on this issue.

Now is the time to urge Congress to come together and draft a reasonable, secure and effective cybersecurity bill, before they recess and President Obama signs his executive order on the issue.

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Private companies are already regulated and are more than capable of handling security. Why does President Obama feel the need to have these companies fall under the control of the Department of Homeland Security, the Commerce Department, the Treasury, Energy, and even intelligence agencies?

The answer is, of course, because he wants everything under the umbrella of the state and he is working to gain full control over the American people.

And he’s going to keep banging the drum of “emergency” to try and push through his agenda.

For example, Obama wrote a doom and gloom op-ed in The Wall Street Journal warning of the terrible things that will happen should cybersecurity not pass.

…Just like terrible things would happen if we didn’t pass the stimulus

…Just like terrible things would happen if we didn’t pass the DREAM Act

…Just like terrible things would happen if we didn’t pass Net Neutrality

…Just like terrible things would happen if we didn’t pass Obamacare

Even Susan Collins, the sponsor of the original failed bill with Joe Lieberman, is concerned about Obama’s dismissal of Congress: “I’m not for doing by executive order what should be done by legislation. An executive order could send the unintended signal that congressional action is not urgently needed,” she said.

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Obama’s Cybersecurity EO means the government will become the master regulator of every activity you participate in online—whether it’s banking, shopping, playing games, engaging in social media, or posting on a blog—because if they deem what you are doing a “threat” or a “cybersecurity emergency,” they can have the DHS shut you down.

This is simply another power grab, another attack on our free market system.

And, it will likely be ineffective. The Heritage Foundation warns that, “new” cybersecurity regulations created as the result of legislation or an executive order are a poor policy choice because they cannot keep up with the dynamic cyber realm. By the time cybersecurity regulations are written, the power of computers will have doubled or even quadrupled, rendering the regulations obsolete.

As the regulations will be several computer generations behind, they will be limited to fighting the threats we saw years ago.” (Need an example of how the DHS fights past battles in the present-day? That is why when you fly, you have to take your shoes off at security and pack your shampoo in tiny little containers.)

We must lean on Congress to protect our system of government, and we must get Obama out of office in November.

Fax Congress now!


Tony Adkins
Conservative Daily


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