Click HERE to demand a full Congressional Investigation into the FBI and DOJ for illegally spying on at least 12 million American citizens

Are you like millions of Americans who own an Apple brand iPod or i-Pad?  Do you have an iPhone brand cell phone?  I have some bad news for you: the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is clandestinely tracking you and your personal information.  They are doing so without a warrant in contravention of the United States Constitution.  And Apple products could just the tip of the iceberg.  Realistically, the FBI could be using cell phone and Wi-Fi technology to track everyone with a computer, cell phone, lap top, or tablet.

If the FBI is tracking people clandestinely, then how do we know that they are doing it?  Easy, a group of computer hackers known simply as “Anonymous” hacked into the laptop of FBI Special Agent Chris Stengl.  The laptop contained a list of more than 12 million people currently under surveillance by the FBI.  12 MILLION!!!

That is 12 million crimes committed by the top law enforcement agency in the country.  That is 12 million PEOPLE who have had their rights violated by Barack Obama’s secret police!

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In proving their claim, Anonymous released a redacted list of million Apple users currently being tracked by the FBI on twitter.  They did not release the names or any personal information connected to each user.  How they were able to preserve the anonymity of the user goes directly to the question of how the FBI was able to track these people in the first place.

Each Apple device has a unique numeral identifier called Unique Device Identifiers (UDID).  The UDID tracks the name, phone numbers, addresses, usernames, and zip codes of Apple users.  But it gets worse!  Since these Apple brand devices typically come with a GPS system included in their circuitry, whenever these devices are turned on the FBI can know the individual’s EXACT location!!

Click HERE to demand a full Congressional Investigation into the FBI and DOJ for illegally spying on at least 12 million American citizens

Rob Rachwald, Director of Security Strategy at Imperva stated, “If the hackers have what they claim, they may be able to cross-reference the breached data to monitor a user’s online activity – possibly even a user’s location”.

As noted earlier, Anonymous did not release the full identification records on the Internet; they redacted the information to protect individual privacy while also allowing users to search to find out if the FBI is illegally tracking them.

Not only is it illegal and unconstitutional for the FBI to be tracking individuals absent a warrant or probable cause, there is a more troubling aspect to this news story.  You see, President Obama believes that he can kill American citizens abroad, absent a trial or any due process, if he determines they are enemy combatants.  This seems to contrary to actual Federal law, but when has that stopped Obama in the past?

The frightening aspect of the Apple UDID revelation is that Obama may believe that he can kill US citizens INSIDE the United States without due process!!  When FBI Director Robert Mueller was asked under oath whether or not the President believes he has the power to kill citizens domestically without due process, Mueller stated, “I have to go back. Uh, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not”.  Any law professor or judge will tell you that Mueller’s response should have been an emphatic “No”.

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As we continue to unravel this story and how it relates to other actions by President Obama, let’s not forget the growing domestic drone army that is currently in skies of the United States.  Overseas, drones are used to hunt down and kill terrorists.  In fact, Obama used a drone in the killing of American citizens suspected of terrorism abroad.  Recently, drones have become nearly commonplace in the United States with law enforcement agencies and the military flying sorties on a regular basis.

Now let’s put two and two together.  The FBI is illegally tracking American citizens and can access their exact location at anytime so long as their Apple device is turned on.  The President may believe that he has the right to kill American citizens on US soil absent due process and has already done so in foreign territories using drone technology.  The President has an army of drones currently in the air.  How long until he uses drones to murder American citizens on US soil with no due process?  How long until he targets his political rivals and enemies?

Click HERE to demand a full Congressional Investigation into the FBI and DOJ for illegally spying on at least 12 million American citizens

But it could be even worse.  The Anonymous hack only discovered Apple brand information; it is conceivable that Apple is just the tip of the iceberg and that the FBI is using EVERY cell phone provider and manufacturer to track every man, woman, and child who uses a cell phone or some other device containing a GPS system!!

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This makes EVERYONE a potential target for extermination if Obama unilaterally decides that you are a threat.  This is as serious as it gets!!

We must demand a Congressional investigation into the Department of Justice.  This illegal, unconstitutional and clandestine tracking of American citizens MUST stop.  What else isn’t the FBI telling us?  What else are they hiding?  We can’t let Obama have the power to murder citizens silently from the skies.  We can’t let him steal our personal information.  Congress MUST stop him.  Stand with us today and DEMAND a full Congressional investigation into this controversy complete with a criminal investigation.  This Orwellian version of the United States under President Obama cannot continue.  We must stand up for our freedoms before it is too late!

Click HERE to demand a full Congressional Investigation into the FBI and DOJ for illegally spying on at least 12 million American citizens


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