The United Nations “Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons” begins its Second Review Conference, today, August 27th.

The “United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects” will:

  • Enact tougher licensing requirements on gun sales and ownership, making it almost impossible for you, an individual, to own a firearm
  • Require the government to confiscate firearms owned by individuals
  • Place further restrictions on the sale of arms
  • Create an international gun registry

The National Association for Gun Rights read the draft of the treaty and said, “After you strip away all of the flowery language of this treaty, it comes down to a completely open-ended attempt to put United Nations bureaucrats in charge of firearms policy worldwide, usurping the authority of countries to set their own policies.”

The U.N. wants to be in control of firearms all over the world. Who would be allowed to own guns: The government of course and no one else.

Normally such a scheme would cause us to roll our eyes and know that our Constitution will protect us. However, we cannot rely on our Constitution right now because we have a President who has shown his willingness to bypass Congress and act illegally so long as it suits his agenda.

And President Barack Obama has a clear agenda of wanting to disarm—and therefore weaken—the American people.

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Various U.N. organizations claim this Small Arms Treaty will prevent terrorists and radical regimes from acquiring weapons. But, let’s be real: criminals will never have any problem getting their hands on weapons. Law-abiding citizens like you and me, who wish to own firearms for protection and recreation, will suffer.

Our Congress has been relatively quiet on the issue—after all, it’s an election year, and they don’t want to anger constituents. But don’t take their silence to mean they are not seriously considering ways in which to limit your Second Amendment rights. Many of them want to push for gun control, especially in the wake of recent shootings by madmen across America; but they know they have to wait until after November to do it.

That is why you must speak up right now and demand they keep our gun freedoms in place!

Fax Congress and Save Our 2nd Amendment!

The United Nations met during the month of July to carve out the treaty’s language; and the negotiations were led by, of all countries, Iran!

That in itself should make the hairs on the back of your necks stand up. In fact, that would have been enough for us to refuse to take part in the negotiations. But that’s not what our government did, led by Barack Obama. The U.S. issued a statement saying we were upset that Iran was overseeing things—and then we participated anyway.

Thankfully, at the end of negotiations in July, the treaty stalled, because U.S., Russia and China asked for “more time” to consider the revisions. This was good news, but it was only a short-term victory.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the treaty will definitely be revisited: “While we sought to conclude the month’s negotiations with a treaty, more time is a reasonable request for such a complex and critical issue.”

As the website The Foundry notes, “Now that the concept of the ATT has been invented, it cannot be un-invented. There are too many countries and too many left-wing nongovernmental organizations that want a treaty. So if this July’s conference collapses, there will sooner or later be another conference.”

That next conference begins TODAY.

Fax Congress and Save Our 2nd Amendment!

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It may seem inconceivable that our “leaders” would allow a world body like the United Nations to decimate our Second Amendment rights—but it is definitely not out of the question, especially with Barack Obama in the White House!

Remember, conservatives do NOT have a majority right now in the Senate.

But even if we did, Obama can always bypass Senate ratification and enact the treaty on his own—and in one fell swoop, eliminate our Second Amendment freedoms forever.

Obama has proven time and time again he’s willing to tear down the foundations of this country in order to impose his agenda—and his agenda includes handing over our sovereignty to a world body like the United Nations.

Do you honestly believe that President Obama is going to “go to bat” for our Bill of Rights against the United Nations? Especially when the worldview they are pushing is his own?

He has had no problem ignoring the law when it comes to voter fraud, requiring everyone to purchase health insurance, or running the Fast and Furious gun running scheme (which, of course, is part of Obama’s plan to dismantle our gun rights).

Right now we are asking you to support S. 2205 and H.R. 4846, bills that will protect Americans from any U.N. treaty and keep our sovereignty in place. It is a good first step we can take to make sure our Constitution holds against Obama’s agenda.

Please, send your very important fax to Congress now and demand each and every Member stand up for our U.S. Constitution and our Second Amendment.

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Tony Adkins
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