Whether you believe in a conspiracy theory or not, we must become aware of what and who is controlling the economic and governing aspects of our country.  The first part of healing is acknowledgement and awareness.  We must stop denying that there are forces, organizations and ‘families’ that are pulling the purse strings of America.

A strong America is an informed America. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is not accurately informing us about who really controls our capitalist society and what really goes on with our financial system.  Now, with the recent announcement of the Republican Party that a part of their platform is going to be moving our country back to the gold standard, (REPUBLICANS EYE THE GOLD STANDARD), we should really stand up and take notice.

Regardless, we cannot rely on those in power we must, as a Republic, take ownership in not only our future but our country’s as well.  So we want YOU TO JOIN US, to help put sanity back into government and to begin taking back the ownership of our nation that we have somehow given up. The first “action step” is to be informed, because knowledge is power, so we are extending to you, an invitation:

You are invited to receive an insider’s view of how the world of our financial systems and how they work!  We have moved our start date from the 22nd of August to this Wednesday the 29th.   Sign up now, reserve your spot and get access to what will be an amazing financial course.  If you cannot make the teleconference training, do not worry.  We are recording each course and will be making it available to all who have reserved their spot.


The Money & Power Course will teach you how money works, who control’s it, and why we are in the economic mess that we are in.

Some of the topics we will address include:

  • A brief history of US banking and the intension of the Founding Fathers
  • Who owns the Federal Reserve and controls the international banking cartel?
  • What caused the “debt crisis”, who was behind it and why did they create it?
  • What does “globalization” mean and is there such a thing as the New World Order?
  • What can be done about the oil crisis and our dependence on foreign oil?
  • How come we don’t get all the facts and our representatives are fixing the problems?
  • What can we do to turn our economy and government around?

Steven S. Sadleir is a best-selling author who has worked as an economist for the United States government and international banker and has written a book on the subject of our currently economy and solutions to fixing our economy called Money & Power, the Secret History.  If you missed the free preview/teleconference to the course click here to listen or watch on YouTube:




Pre-Order the Money & Power Course!


Tony Adkins

The 8-week Money & Power Course will begin Wednesday, August 29nd at the same time listed above, but you will need to be registered to get the pin code. Sign up today and we will send you the link to the conference shortly!


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