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70 million rounds, please keep that number in mind while reading this article.  70 million rounds is the approximate number of bullets used by US military forces per year during the war in Iraq.  It took 70 million rounds per year to free the Iraqi people and bring democracy to the Middle East.  70 million rounds a year to fight a foreign war.   70 million rounds a year to fight a large standing army as well as terrorist militants throughout Iraq.  70 million rounds per year to grant freedom to those living under Saddam Hussein’s tyranny.

American bullets may have created democracy overseas, but they can have quite the opposite affect domestically.  Bullets don’t have a political agenda and they don’t have an ideology, they can be used as tools for freedom or as ammunition for autocracy.  Unfortunately, the latter seems to be what is taking place in the United States.

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President Barack Hussein Obama has recently given the green light for various Federal agencies to begin stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition.  And not just run of the mill bullets; instead these Federal agencies are ordering uber-lethal hollow point rounds.  These bullets are so lethal that they were BANNED for use in international warfare by the Hague Convention of 1899.  Stop and think about that for a moment.  Bullets are meant to be lethal objects of war, but hollow points create so much damage that the international community agreed to ban their use in international warfare.  Yet our Federal government is buying them, and in BULK and the only folks they can use them against are American citizens!

Click HERE to demand a Congressional investigation into Obama’s stockpiling of ammunition

What is most concerning about this situation are the agencies themselves that are making these purchases.  Most are not traditional police enforcement agencies such as the FBI that require such lethal weapons.  Many you would never suspect a need for products of such destructive force.  Below is a list of agencies that have been confirmed buyers of ammunition:

  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Department of Education (DOE)
  • Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

What on earth does the NOAA need with hollow point bullets?!  What about the SSA?  Why do they need 174,000 rounds of hollow points?  In all, over the last three years these various agencies have ordered nearly a BILLION rounds of ammunition!!  Nearly all of it hollow point ammunition that can only be used on Americans!!  In fact, one news story stated that the Federal government has purchased enough hollow point ammunition to put no fewer than five bullets in the body of every man, woman, and child currently residing in the United States.  It is time to be afraid.

Of course the Obama Administration has a spin for these purchases: each of these agencies has a law enforcement wing that needs these bullets for training and for use in law enforcement activities.   Seems like a perfectly valid excuse, right?  However, there are two logical flaws that must be addressed.

First, if the Iraq war only required 71 million rounds a YEAR then why do these various agencies to purchase well OVER 10 TIMES that amount?!?!  What do you think they have planned?

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Secondly, the Obama Administration is claiming that many of these rounds will be used for training.  However, if that is true, why not use full metal jacket rounds that are substantially cheaper?  Why must these agencies buy ammunition that has been banned in warfare for simple target practice?   President Obama has already destroyed our economy with his spending programs.  Now he is buying up expensive hollow points when a cheaper substitute is available?  Something just doesn’t add up.

If you are thinking that the type, amount, and purpose of the ammunition doesn’t match the training and law enforcement excuse, you are not alone.  The entire nation should be wondering why Federal agencies need to be so heavily armed all the while trying to roll back your 2nd Amendment gun rights.  Why does the Federal government need enough ammunition to kill every human being in the country FIVE TIMES?!

Click HERE to demand a Congressional investigation into Obama’s stockpiling of ammunition

To be certain, the vast amount of the purchased ammunition has been bought up by DHS.  This agency that didn’t even exist until 2001 now requires over a billion rounds of ammunition?  Whom are they planning on fighting?  If the job of the department is to protect American lives, then why are they buying enough ammo to kill us all multiple times?  Have we all become criminals in the eyes of Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama?  Do they have a plan for the United States that does NOT include the orderly transfer of power?

We desperately need Congress to step in and investigate this massive military-esque build up by the Federal government.  The United States is quickly becoming a police state and it will only get worse if we sit idly by and allow our freedoms to evaporate like so much water.  The danger is no longer just compartmentalized to our Constitution and civil liberties; our very lives are at stake.  There is danger brewing and it cannot be ignored.  We must stand up and tell Congress to investigate!  They are the last hope.

Click HERE to demand a Congressional investigation into Obama’s stockpiling of ammunition


Tony Adkins


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